How The July 2021 Side Quest Works – Assault on Olympus


Hercules is the star of Assault on Olympus, and he needs your help. This is another limited entry side quest, and you’re going to have the option to focus on either shards or rank-up materials for your rewards. Here’s all the info on how July’s Side Quest works!

Download the Rewards Spreadsheet

Read the Official Forum Post


Begins: Wednesday, July 7 at 1pm EST

Ends: Wednesday, August 4 at 1pm EST


Total Entries: 28

Energy Cost Per Tile: 0

Backing out of the quest will result in the loss of your entry fee (Club of Hephaestus) and the rewards you have collected, so make sure you finish each run!


This month is another “entry fee” side quest. Your entry this month is a Club of Hephaestus, which you earn simply by logging in each day and collecting it from a calendar. You’ll get 28 entries in total over the course of the month.

As usual, there will be 4 difficulties: Heroic, Master, Epic, and Legendary. Every time you enter a quest you’ll use a Club of Hephaestus, so you can’t play all difficulty levels. Focus on the highest level you can complete.

You will also have your choice to run the Train quest or the Recruit quest each time you play the side quest. The Train quest rewards rank-up materials while the Recruit quest rewards shards. You can choose to focus on one or the other depending on your needs or do a bit of both.

There is no energy cost to run the Side Quest.


Your reward mix will depend on whether you focus on the Recruit Quest (shards) or the Train Quest (catalysts) and the difficulty level you are able to complete.

If you want shards, play the Recruit Quest. If you can complete Legendary, you’ll earn 400 6-Star Shards per run, meaning you can grind 11,200 6-Star Shards from the Side Quest over the course of the month.

The Train quest doesn’t reward Tier 5 CC, but you can still earn solid amounts of T5 Basic (38,500 Frags), Tier 4 Basic (140K Frags), and Tier 2 Alpha (112K Frags) over the course of the month.

You can’t earn both sets of rewards, so make sure to evaluate which quest is more valuable for your account. Both Recruit and Train offer the same amount of Gold and Heroes & Gods Shards per difficulty level. A player completing all 28 Legendary runs will earn 1.12M Gold and 33,600 Heroes & Gods Shards (enough for 8 Cav Crystals) from the Side Quest.

Download the Rewards Spreadsheet.

This month also features Solo Objectives for completing fights in the Side Quest. Earn extra points by using Captain America, Captain America WWII, Captain America Infinity War, or America Chavez. There are some nice rewards for Cavalier and Thronebreaker players here, including a 5-Star Nexus Crystal, 5-Star Awakening Gem, 2K 6-Star Shards, 10% Tier 5 CC, and 15 6-Star Sig Stone Crystals.

Uncollected and below will have a separate set of objectives.


July will also celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Captain America! Cavalier and above players will be able to complete a Special Solo Objective to earn additional Tier 5 CC and the “First Action Hero” title.

There will also be Heroes and Gods Cavalier and Grandmaster Crystals, which will work the same as the special crystals we’ve seen from the last few side quests. You’ll earn Heroes & Gods Shards each time you complete the side quest, which can be redeemed via the Special Crystals Tab.


This is a pretty familiar format at this point, so hopefully there won’t be much confusion on how to approach the quest. I like that we don’t have to grind to obtain the keys and that players have the option to focus on shards or catalyst fragment rewards. The rewards, especially the shards, look quite nice for Cavalier and Thronebreaker players. If I was Uncollected though, I wouldn’t be too excited about being lumped in the rest of the early player-base, as it seems to have cut into the Solo Objective rewards. Uncollected players will really need to play at the Epic Difficulty or better to come away with a solid amount of 5-Star shards.

All that being said, I’m looking forward to this one. As always, I highly recommend that you hold off from jumping into the Side Quest at launch in case there are any bugs that need to be sorted out.


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