Around The Battlerealm – May 3, 2021


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Monday, May 3, 2021.

Schedule Notes: The Summoner Sigil Solo Event, Gold Quest, items on a 7-day timer, and the Legendary Crystal in the Black-ISO Market reset at 1pm EST. Round 2 of the 4-Star Basic Hulkbuster and Silver Centurion Featured Arenas at 1pm EST. 100% Roster Availability ends at 2pm EST. UMCOC Podcast, Live on Discord at 8pm EST.

Episode 59 of the Contest Realm Podcast with RichTheMan is now live.

Karatemike tests a pre-buff Mr. Fantastic.

MetalSonicDude solos Abyss Venom The Duck with She-Hulk.

Kam and Star talk Act 7.2, Deadpool’s Spring Cleaning, and more in the latest Podcast of Champions.


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