How The April 2021 Side Quest Works – Contest of Realms


Since Deadpool isn’t in Realm of Champions, he’s decided to start a Contest of his own! Complete Daily Solo Objectives to earn Keys which will allow you to run the Contest of Realms quest for randomized rewards and earn points toward Monthly Solo Objectives. Thankfully, this quest seems much easier to navigate than the Odin’s Gauntlet Side Quest.

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Begins: Wednesday, April 7 at 1pm EST

Ends: Wednesday, May 5 at 1pm EST

The Daily Solo Event Target should be released at 1pm EST.

Total Keys (entries) – 28
Legendary Runs Needed to Earn All T5cc – 25

Complete the Daily Solo Objective
Get Key
Run Side Quest

“Strange Recruiter” = Mordo
“Green Lawyer” = She-Hulk
“Superior Metal Suited Man” = Superior Iron Man
“Original Gwen” = Spider-Gwen
“Wildman of the Woods” = Wolverine
“Bad Kitty” = Killmonger
“Cap’s Compadre” = Winter Soldier
“Steven” = Doctor Strange
“Guy You Wouldn’t Like to Make Angry” = Hulk
“Tech Billionaire” = Iron Man
“Friendly Neighborhood Hero” = Spider-Man (Classic)
“Mutant With a Cloud Over Her Head” = Storm
“Original Big Black Cat” = Black Panther
“Bucky’s Best Bud” = Captain America
“Strangest Symbiote” = Symbiote Supreme
“Friend From Work” = Hulk Ragnarok
“Man Who Enhanced Spider-Man’s Suit” = Iron Man Infinity War
“Kid Who Saved The Spider-Verse” = Miles Morales
“Leads The Horsemen” = Apocalypse
“Civil Big Black Cat” = Black Panther Civil War
“Beat Up Red Skull” = Captain America WWII
“Blue Supreme” = Sorcerer Supreme
“Green Guy Who Can’t Die” = Immortal Hulk
“Newest Tech Billionaire” = Silver Centurion
“New & Improved Neighborhood Hero” = Stark Spider-Man
“Mutant Who Changes The Weather” = Storm Pyramid X
“Man Who Can Do This All Day” = Captain America Infinity War


Contest of Realms is another “entry-fee” type Side Quest, just like last month. This month we have Keys instead of Feathers, and you’ll get your Keys by completing a Daily Solo Objective instead of from a calendar.

You can earn 28 Keys over the course of the event. Once you use a Key to open the Side Quest, it is gone. If you back out of the quest, YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR KEY BACK.

The actual Side Quest is the Contest of Realms, which has 4 difficulties: Heroic, Master, Epic, and Legendary. Remember you only get 28 Keys (attempts) at the Side Quest, and Keys are good for all difficulties, so you can’t do all difficulties. You should focus on the highest difficulty you can explore to maximize your rewards.

You are allowed to save up your Keys during the month and run the event multiple times in a single day, just like Odin’s Gauntlet.

The Side Quest costs 0 energy to run.

The quest map has 1 main path to the Boss with 7 “detours” along the way. Each detour contains random path rewards, so the more detours you take, the more rewards you earn. Each detour has a different Realm of Champions House themed defender, so expect to see a lot of Captain Americas, Iron Mans, Black Panthers, etc.

Courtesy of Cat Murdock. Support Cat’s art on Redbubble.


The path rewards for Contest of Realms are randomized each time you enter the quest. Because backing out costs you a Key, you can’t simply close out the quest and wait until you get the rewards you want. You have to work with what you get. Due to the random nature of the rewards, you can’t truly “maximize” the path rewards, but your best bet is to run the difficulty level you can successfully complete all 7 fights on.

While it’s impossible to know exactly what your rewards will be, Clobberin_Time has put together a great forum post on what you should expect on average if you can run the Legendary Difficulty 28 times and do all 7 fights every time (28 x 7 = 196 total path rewards available). You should check out the full post for the math, but in general you can expect a bit more than 5K 6-Star Shards, 13K 5-Star shards, 1.4M Gold, and 25% of a T5b, among other rewards.

If you have to quit the Path, you will get to keep any path rewards you have earned along the way, but you will lose your Key of course.


The Solo Objectives are actually where the big rewards are, so you’ll want to focus on this section. The good news is you’re likely to earn all the Solo Objectives by playing the quest over the course of the month.

The Solo Objectives are completed either by completing the quest or for winning fights in the Side Quest.

If you run the Side Quest on Legendary difficulty 25 times and do at least 5 fights each time, you will complete all of the Solo Objectives, which include a 5-Star Featured Hero Crystal, 11,250 T5B shards, a 5-Star Awakening Gem Crystal, five 2% T5CC, fragment crystals, and one 10% T5CC fragment crystal.

If you are a progressing player and Legendary is too difficult for you, try to complete Epic 20 times and win 100 fights (average of 5 per run). This way you will still earn the Featured 5-Star Crystal and the Awakening Gem Crystal, which are likely quite meaningful to your progression. Remember you can track your progress on the Solo Objective screen over the course of the month.


This event seems much simpler than last month, which I’m sure is welcomed by many players. There are a solid amount of 6-Star shards available for Cavalier players, but it does seem to be more of a “rank-up month” for rewards. I do like that we’re getting 20% total T5cc from the Side Quest two months in a row, as that is a promising trend.

As always, I highly recommend that you hold off from jumping into the Side Quest at launch in case there are any bugs that need to be sorted out. Once we get the all-clear, it should be a fairly straightforward experience for everyone to enjoy.



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