Around The Battlerealm – April 6, 2021


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

Schedule Notes: Immortal Abomination is scheduled to enter the Basic Pool at 1pm EST. Please verify via the in-game banner. Incursions Milestones and Top Zone Bonuses reset at 2pm EST.

The v30.2 Patch is now live, so there are plenty of videos on the new update to check out! Also, the official Champion Spotlight for Jabari Panther is now available.

Map 7 will be updated for the next AQ Cycle to remove Crossbones from the Diss Track and Pleasure to Burn lanes.

RichTheMan pairs the newly buffed Howard The Duck with Odin for big damage.

Seatin is proper chuffed with the Crossbones buff, but thinks Nova is still lacking utility.

Kam tests all three of the April Buffs out against Winter Soldier.

Katy Candy gives her take on Jabari Panther.



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