How The March 2021 Side Quest Works – Odin’s Bifrost Gauntlet

3/30/31 Update: There is a visual bug with Tier 10 of the Gauntlet. It is not tracking entries and will still show 7/7 after you run the quest. This is just a visual big, if you try to enter more than the intended 7 times, the game won’t let you. It is safe to play the Tier 10 Gauntlet.


Odin has set forth a great challenge for Summoners this March. Complete all 10 levels of Odin’s Gauntlet and prove yourself to be God Tier! Note that this is a rather complex event, so make sure to review all the info below before you get started.

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3/18/21 Update


Begins: Wednesday, March 3 at 1pm EST

Ends: Wednesday, April 7 at 1pm EST

Note that this event runs for 5 weeks (35 days) instead of the usual 28 days.


Total Feathers – 35
Total Caskets – 9
Total Gauntlet Tiers – 10

Collect In-Game Mail
Purchase Caskets 1-5
Play Tier 6 5x
Purchase Casket 6
Play Tier 7 6x
Purchase Casket 7
Play Tier 8 7x
Purchase Casket 8
Play Tier 9 10x –
Purchase Casket 9
Play Tier 10 7x

Note that because Tier 10 will not cost Feathers now, you’ll get an extra 7 runs at Tier 9 in addition to you Tier 10 runs.


Odin’s Gauntlet is another “entry-fee” type side-quest. Your entry-fee this month is a Feather. You’ll receive 1 Feather at the start of the event in your mailbox. The others will be earned from a daily calendar. You can claim 35 Feathers in total, meaning you can run the event 35 times. Once you use a Feather to start a Gauntlet, it is gone. If you back out of the quest, YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR FEATHER BACK.

The quest itself is called Odin’s Gauntlet. It is a single path quest that costs 0 energy. Completing the Gauntlet will earn you rewards and the unique currency of the month, Uru.

Uru is used to buy the Casket of Ancient Winters, which unlock the higher difficulties of the Gauntlet. There are 10 difficulty levels (Tiers) of the Gauntlet. The higher the Tier, the better the rewards. The Tiers must be unlocked in order.

There are 9 Caskets of Ancient Winters to purchase. They must be purchased in order and can only be purchased once. The Caskets contain rewards and unlock the next Tier of the Gauntlet. For example, Casket 1 unlocks Gauntlet Tier 2. Tier 1 is unlocked automatically at the start of the event.

You will be able to play the highest Tier you have unlocked and the Tier directly below it. For example, once you unlock Tier 7, you can only play Tiers 6 and 7.

The goal is to reach Tier 10. Once Tier 10 is unlocked it stays unlocked. Tier 10 does not reward Uru because there is no need for more Uru once you have unlocked this final Tier.

Summoners who are Conqueror or below will start at Tier 1 in the event.

Summoners with the Uncollected, Cavalier, or Thronebreaker Titles will receive an in-game mail with 120 Uru at the start of the event. This is enough Uru to purchase Caskets 1-5 before you begin running the Gauntlet! Simply purchase the first 5 Caskets and you’ll automatically be able to start on Tier 6. Starting on Tier 6 is very important if you want to maximize your rewards. Make sure to do this before running any Gauntlets. Otherwise you’ll be burning valuable Feathers on the lower tiers.

Remember that it is purchasing the Caskets, not beating the previous Tier that unlocks the next Tier. Furthermore, beating a Tier doesn’t reward enough Uru in one completion to afford the Casket for the next Tier. You’ll have to run each Tier multiple times to earn enough Uru to afford the next Casket.

You are probably wondering how many runs you’ll need to do at each Tier to maximize your Feathers. There are two options, one for Uncollected and above, the other for Conqueror and below.

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Uncollected & AboveRuns
Tier 65
Tier 76
Tier 87
Tier 910
Tier 107
Conqueror & BelowRuns
Tier 12
Tier 22
Tier 32
Tier 43
Tier 55
Tier 65
Tier 76
Tier 87
Tier 93
Tier 100



If you successfully complete Tier 10 of Odin’s Bifrost Gauntlet you will receive the “God Tier” title.


There are also Vanquishing Blow 24-hour Solo Events to accompany the Side Quest. Be sure to look for the particular milestones criteria each day. There are no Rank Rewards for the Solo Events.


This is an event with a lot of moving parts, so be careful and make sure you double-check your selections so you don’t miss out on rewards. Events like this are often a bit confusing at the start, and sometimes buggy, so I highly recommend you don’t jump in during the first few hours the event is live. Sit back and make sure everything is working as intended before you start to spend your Feathers.



26 thoughts on “How The March 2021 Side Quest Works – Odin’s Bifrost Gauntlet

      1. Thanks! I’m just thinking ahead in case my roster and skill cannot handle the higher Tier fights—assuming they get more difficult as you go up in Tier.


  1. Play tier 8 Side quest 7 times
    –> Go to Store get Casket 8
    Play tier 9 side quest 10 times
    –> Go to Store and get Casket 9

    I think the correct information should be:
    Play tier 8 Side quest “8” times (because you need 75 uru to unlock T9)
    –> Go to Store get Casket 8
    Play tier 9 side quest “9” times (because each T9 completion gives you 11 uru)
    –> Go to Store and get Casket 9


  2. Uncollected; I have enough Uru to unlock the next casket but it says can’t until I beat tier 6 but I can’t. I thought it was based in Uru not tier completion..?


    1. Yeah, so apparently this is also part of the event. If you aren’t worried about the difficulty of the next tier just run tier 6. If you are, I suggest you keep running tier 5 until the final week, then make a push to try to run all the higher tiers once so you have access to all the caskets, since you will have the Uru to buy them if they are unlocked.


  3. Conqueror player. Able to do Tier 8. But it says “Complete Tier 8 of Odin’s Bifrost Gauntlet, and be Uncollected or higher to access this cache” in Casket 8 in Odin’s Armory Store. Please confirm if Conqueror players can buy the Casket 8 at all after doing Tier 8, if having enough Uru.


      1. Okay, thanks. I guess only two days are remaining for the event now. I will start spending them from tomorrow then.


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