Release Notes: MCOC v30.1 – March 2021


Prepare to journey across the Nine Realms in March, as an Asgardian adventure awaits! The All-Father himself, the mighty Odin is set to join the Contest, as is the villainous Mangog. Expect to see v30.1 available for download on March 1 or 2, with monthly events beginning March 3 at 1pm EST.

Read the Official Release Notes.

EQ – Sins of the Father
SQ – Odin’s Bifrost Gauntlet
Buffs: Civil Warrior, Angela, Masacre, & The Hood
International Women’s Day Boss Rush
Bug Fixes & Improvements


In March’s Event Quest, “Sins of the Father,” Odin has scheduled a tournament to test the strength of his fellow Asgardians, but the return of his longtime nemesis Mangog forces All-Father into battle.


Compete in Odin’s Gauntlet to earn special currency and rewards throughout the month. We’ve just got the high-level details at this time, but here’s what we know so far.

There will be a Daily Calendar that gives Feathers, these will be your entry fee into the Gauntlet Quest. The Quest will have 1 path and cost 0 energy to complete.

Completing the quest will earn you Uru, which is the special monthly currency. You spend Uru in a store called Odin’s Armory, where you purchase something called a Casket of Ancient Winters, which unlocks the next tier of the Gauntlet. This event sounds like some sort of solo Incursions, where each tier you unlock has better rewards and more difficult fights.

In addition to the Gauntlet Quest there will be a special title if you can beat Tier 10, as well as Valhalla Victory Daily Solo Events that reward shards and signature stones for completing Vanquishing Blows targets.

This seems like another complicated, multi-part side-quest that will require a full breakdown, so stay tuned for a detailed post early next week.


Odin is a Cosmic Champion and well-known as both the ruler of Asgard and Thor’s father. Odin possesses the immense cosmic power of the Odinforce, a power so great he must enter the Odinsleep to recover from its use.

Odin has all the standard abilities of Asgardians, but he is greatly enhanced by the Odinforce. He has super-human strength, stamina, and durability. His healing factor can repair almost any wound and makes him immune to Earthly diseases. He wields a spear named Gungnir in battle and has defeated powerful cosmic entities such as Thanos, Silver Surfer, and Annihilus. His exact age is unknown, but his adventures date back tens of thousands of years.

Odin first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1962 in Journey Into Mystery #85 and was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby. This issue also contained the first appearances of Heimdall and Balder. He has made over 500 appearances in the main 616 continuity, almost all in Thor related titles. In the MCU, Odin has appeared in the 3 Thor movies and is played by legendary actor Anthony Hopkins.

Want to read some Odin comics? Check out a list of his Comic Appearances.


March’s other champion is the villainous Mangog, sworn enemy of Asgard. Mangog is a Mystic Champion, and feeds on negative psychic energy to increase his powers.

In the comics, Mangog draws his powers from thoughts of hate and desires of vengeance. He is actually the physical manifestation of a race wiped out by Odin long ago. It is said that as long as there is hate in the universe, Mangog can never truly be destroyed. He wields this power in the form of mystical energy, making him immensely powerful, even when facing off against the likes of Thor and Odin.

Mangog first appeared in Thor #154 in 1968 and has about three dozen appearances in Marvel Comics. He was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Mangog has not appeared in the MCU as of yet.

Want to read some Mangog comics? Check out a list of his Comic Appearances.

Hopefully Civil Warrior will now have some quality damage to pair with his solid utility.


The champion buffs for Angela, Masacre, The Hood, and Civil Warrior will go live as soon as you update to v30.1. Angela and Masacre are the value updates, while The Hood and Civil Warrior are receiving more substantial changes. Look for updated champion spotlights for The Hood and Civil Warrior coming soon.

I’ll give you one guess which fight Dragon from the UMCOC Podcast designed.


The Boss Rush is back! Once again, the International Women’s Day Boss Rush features 6 fights designed by the community. This year’s Boss Rush features Sorcerer Supreme, Black Widow, Jubilee, Tigra, Storm Pyramid X, and Elsa Bloodstone.


● A new tab will display information on long running events and deals in the Social Hub so the information is easier to access and doesn’t get lost in the read mail.

● Undo Button: Fixed an issue where players were unable to undo after traversing an already cleared Node.

● Angela: Fixed issue where Angela’s SP2 would occasionally miss if chained after cancelling from a Heavy Attack.

● Abyss of Legends – Brand of the Abyss VI Buff: Updated description to specify Unstoppable and Unblockable are not affected by Ability Accuracy alteration.

● Professor X: Fixed issue where all attacks were not classified as psychic attacks.

● Professor X: Updated info page to reflect that Channeling Vigilance and Surge Special Cost reduction do not work against Psychic Shielding.

● Daredevil (Classic) and Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen): These two Champions now cannot “miss” when attacking.

● Ghost, Daredevil (Classic), The Hood: Updated ability descriptions to reflect how these Champions interact with “Psychic Attacks.”

● Emma Frost, Professor X, Stryfe: Updated attack descriptions to indicate which Attacks are classified as “Psychic Attacks.”

● Loki: Fixed issue where Loki would not steal and copy Prowess Buffs.

● Spider-Ham: Fixed issue where the SP2 pie projectiles would be facing the wrong way as a defender.

● Scientific Method Buff node: Fixed issue where the Fury potency was based on the defender’s attack rating instead of the attackers.

● Cosmic Ghost Rider: Fixed issue where the third hit of SP2 would occasionally whiff.

● Blade: Fixed issue where Blade’s sword and shurikens would clip into the camera during SP3 animation.

● Æegon: Fixed issue where Aegon would spam on-screen callouts.

● Thor (Ragnarok): Updated info page to specify only 2 “Boon of the Gods” can be active at a single time.

● Beast (Beauty and the Beast synergy with Elsa Bloodstone): Fixed issue where Beast would lose the Fury Buff if he had a Combo Shield.

● Red Goblin: Fixed issue where Symbiote Buff would expire instead of going on a 15-second timer.

● Magneto (House of X): Added icon to the pre-fight ability screen.

● Phoenix: Fixed issue where SP1 and SP2 flame hits were considered physical instead of a projectile.

● Psycho-Man: Fixed issue where the block VFX would appear when dashing back

● Gameplay: Fixed issue where the game would momentarily pause when interacting with the screen during the Run-In phase of a fight.

● King Groot: Fixed issue where King Groot could not use the Furys from Sasquatch’s Giant Challengers Synergy to shrug off Spectre.

● Medusa and Vision (Aarkus): Updated info page to specify Armor Shatter reduces Ability Accuracy instead of “cannot activate”.

● Sixth Sense buff: Fixed issue where Sixth Sense was unaffected by Ability Accuracy.

● Falcon: Update pre-awakened Signature Ability description.

● Guardian: Fixed issue where the Armor-Up cooldown was not triggering in certain scenarios.


I know Odin has been a highly requested champion for a very long time, so I’m quite happy he is finally joining the Contest. Boss Rushes are always a good time, but I think I’m most excited to see the Gauntlet challenge. There has been talk about a “Solo Dungeons/Incursions” mode for a while, and this seems like a step in that direction. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.



4 thoughts on “Release Notes: MCOC v30.1 – March 2021

  1. honestly not sure what kabam were thinking with the hood buff
    so his stagger 12% increased proc chance but sacrifice a third of it’s duration-worse stagger
    removal fate seal- no more AAR or taking away pre-existing buffs- much worse
    90% projectile miss- change to 120% -20% each time so after second hit you have a lower chance to miss than you did previously and after 6 hits you can’t miss at all, bye bye p99 counter
    power steal, instead of all attacks only triggers on mediums 2/5 instead of 5/5 of your combo, so -60% trigger opportunities and -20% trigger chance
    His boosted damage relies on persistent charges that will depreciate like diablo. I hate this, people like ramp up champs because the more you play the champ in a quest the more you are rewarded here The more you play the champ the harder he is to play and the less access to damage you have as you run out of bullets, you are being punished for liking and playing a champ and artificially curtailing his utility. Given on a standard combo you will be doing two mediums to spend 2 bullets you need to stagger a buff every combo, which will be harder with reduced stagger and makes him difficult against opponents that don’t trigger many buffs but he is (or was) a good counter to again like p99.
    His invisibility is now a buff- it can be nullified meaning against champs like dr strange and sorcerer supreme who I typically use him for because of the difficult to deal with projectile specials he nolonger works against
    fanatastic buff kabam great job :rage:
    He has legit been downgraded in so many areas


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