How The January 2021 Side Quest Works – Jubilee’s Arcade – Let’s Go To The Mall!


Jubilee is headed off to the Arcade to punch her Prize Card and collect some sweet rewards. This event has multiple steps and prize options, and a few key rules to keep in mind, so read on! Read the Official Forum Post.


1st Voucher & Token Set: Wednesday, January 6 at 1pm EST

2nd Token Set: Wednesday, January 13 at 1pm EST

2nd Voucher & Objective Set, 3 Token Set: Wednesday, January 20 at 1pm EST

4th Token Set: Wednesday, January 27 at 1pm EST

Ends: Wednesday, February 3 at 1pm EST


Total Vouchers – 2
Total Tokens – 32
Total Stamps – 96
Total Arcade Game Options – 3


Earn 10% of a Random Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal by collecting 80 Stamps from Legendary Difficulty Arcade Games.

Note that because the X-Men Arcade Game rewards 3 Stamps and the others reward 2 Stamps, you will need to play the X-Men Arcade a minimum of 16 times (and another 16 times split between the other 2) to end the event with 80 Stamps. Of course, you can play the X-Men Arcade more than 16 times if you wish to do so.

If you want the Cavalier Objective, it is highly recommended to only play the Legendary Difficulty and DO NOT BACK OUT of Arcade Quests.


First off, you will receive an in-game mail allowing you to collect your first Voucher. Then you need to go to the Featured Item Tab in the Store to purchase the Set 1 Prize Card Bundle, which will allow you to select from two sets of Solo Objectives and give you 8 Tokens. Your second set of Tokens will arrive via in-game mail in week 2 of the event. The Solo Objectives will focus on either Crystal Shards or Catalysts, allowing you to target your desired set of rewards.

You will receive a second Voucher on January 20. You will then be able to purchase the Set 2 Prize Card Bundle, which will unlock the second set of Objectives and grant you 8 Tokens (third set). Your fourth and final set of Tokens will arrive via in-game mail in week 4 of the event.

Since you will receive 2 Vouchers, you can always choose to “switch sides” for the final two weeks.


Now that you have your Tokens, you can play the Arcade games. There are 4 difficulty levels: Heroic, Master, Epic, and Legendary. You will only receive 32 Tokens over the course of the event and each entry to the Arcade costs 1 Token.

You DO NOT have enough Tokens to play all difficulty levels. Furthermore, if you use a Token to begin a quest, you are committed. You WILL NOT get your Token back if you quit the quest, so don’t back out! This is very important, especially for players who want to achieve the Cavalier Special Objective.

There are three versions of Arcade Games to choose from:
Spiders In Time – Hero Crystal Shards & 2 Stamps
King of Avengers ’98 – Rank Up Resources & 2 Stamps
Mutant Showdown – Mix of Shards & Catalysts & 3 Stamps

The Stamps you earn from these quests are important for achieving the Solo Objectives. If you earn 64 Stamps from any difficulty level you will receive a special profile pic.

Each Arcade Game has only one path, and the defenders will always remain the same. The Mutant Showdown is more difficult than the Spiders In Time or King of the Avengers ’98 Arcades.


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Below are the potential rewards for the Solo Objectives. You will choose from the Set 1 Objectives on January 6 and the Set 2 Objectives on January 20. If you are Cavalier or above, and are going to switch sides for Set 2, I recommend going with Shards for Set 1 and the Rank-up rewards for Set 2. This is because there are T5CC Frags in Set 2 of the Rank-Up Objectives.

Solo Objectives Rewards are tied to your Stamp Collection. For example, if you want to achieve Legendary Objectives, you need to collect Legendary Stamps by playing the Legendary Arcade Difficulty.


There are additional Solo Objectives for Arena. These will require you to defeat 10 #X-Men Champions in Arena. Rewards for the Arena Objectives are 5K Gold and Continue Coins, which are special revives which will restore 1 champion to 25% health. Continue Coins will expire on February 3, 2021 at the end of the event.


This is an event with a lot of moving parts, so be careful and make sure you double-check your selections so you don’t miss out on rewards. I do like that players have the ability to target the rewards they find most impactful. I think once everyone gets the hang of it, it will be a solid event, depending on the difficulty of the Arcades.


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