Who Is Coming To Marvel Contest of Champions in 2021?


The latest “State of the Battlerealm” champion puzzle has just been released, so it’s time to engage in one of my favorite pastimes: rampant speculation on who is coming soon to Marvel Contest of Champions.


Galactus (Cosmic/NPC): The biggest question mark on the puzzle must be Galactus. His coming has been talked about for over a year, and with links to Reed Richards and the Heralds, the coming of the Devourer of Worlds is certain. He may not end up being playable, but Galactus will have a huge impact on the Contest.

Wishlist Poll Rank: 21

Odin (Cosmic): Another of the bigger question marks is in the center of the Asgardians. The King of Asgard is the most likely option, and hopefully he will be the Cosmic version of Apocalypse and buff his loyal subjects.

Wishlist Poll Rank: #10

Knull (Cosmic): Who else but the “God of the Symbiotes” could be at the center of the Battlerealm’s Symbiotes?

Wishlist Poll Rank: 47

Iron Legionnaire (Tech): It looks like we’re guaranteed to have a Realm crossover this year, which isn’t unexpected. With a direct link to the House of Iron, expect to see a new Iron Man suit this year. Hopefully this build will be based off the amazing Drone weapons showcased in Realm and be more of an offensive champion than previous Iron Man variants.

Black Panther (Skill): There is a second Realm inspired champion coming, which should be a female Black Panther. Note that this likely won’t be Shuri, as Gabriel Frizzera has said he wants to keep the MROC Barons out of Contest of Champions for a while. Based on the weapon options in Realm, this build of Black Panther may rely on a spear instead of her claws.

Kitty Pryde (Mutant): Will 2021 finally be the year Shadowcat arrives in the Battlerealm? She’s the most important X-Man not in the game. With links to Colossus (her longtime love interest), Wolverine (key mentor) and Storm (her de facto mother), I don’t see who would fit better in this spot. Let’s just hope Lockheed the Dragon is riding shotgun with Kitty!

Wishlist Rank: #6


Stardust (Cosmic): There is another spot for a Herald of Galactus. I believe this will be Stardust, as she would be the first female Herald. Stardust would also be a more interesting design choice than the other likely candidates, Firelord and Nova (Frankie Raye), whose power sets are based around fire. Stardust gives the design team an opportunity to try something new instead of designing a Human Torch or Sunspot retread.

Wishlist Poll Rank: #269

Enchantress (Mystic): There is an Asgardian spot open, and I’m guessing this will be Amora because Odin’s event quest will need a villain. If it’s not her, it’s probably going to be Sif, but I think Enchantress is the more interesting pick as she would be a Mystic.

Wishlist Poll Rank: #21

Korvac (Tech): I think Michael Korvac is the most likely candidate for the question mark connecting Kang and the three Carol Danvers. He feuded with Carol’s Avengers and actually impersonated Kang at one point. Korvac is from an alternate future and would likely be Tech.

Wishlist Poll Rank: 339

Wiccan (Mystic): The mystical child (reincarnated) of Vision and Scarlet Witch, Wiccan has been a key member of the Young Avengers. There is a chance this could be Wiccan’s brother, Speed, but Wiccan has a higher profile, and Quicksilver fans would absolutely lose their minds if we got Speed over Pietro.

Wishlist Poll Rank: 240


Anti-Venom (Cosmic): There are so many potential Symbiotes to choose from, but Anti-Venom is an interesting take on Eddie Brock’s character and has been a common request. If it’s not Anti-Venom, I think Toxin or Gwenom are the other potential picks.

Wishlist Poll Rank: 50

Nimrod (Tech): I’m going out on a limb here, because Gabe told me at Comic Con 2018 he doesn’t like the visual design of this character, but I think the most likely candidate for the Sentinel link is Nimrod. Nimrod is an unstoppable robot from the future and has ties to Kitty Pryde, making him the likely adversary for her Event Quest. If not Nimrod, potentially Omega Sentinel. But I really feel since the line is Bishop-Sentinel-? that we’re dealing with a time-traveler, which is why I’m thinking Nimrod.

Wishlist Poll Rank: #110

Spider-Man 2099 (Science): With links to Spider-Gwen and Punisher 2099, I believe this is our best chance to get Spider-Man 2099. I was really hoping for Gwenom but I don’t think she fits here.

Wishlist Poll Rank: #19


There are several isolated sets of question marks which are impossible for me to predict. The Annihilus-Sue Storm link could be Franklin Richards, but we’ve repeatedly been told the game team doesn’t want us “punching kids in the face,” (tough break Power Pack) so I don’t know who else makes sense. I’d love to hear some theories though.

There is an extended line of three champions branching off from Guillotine and Morningstar, which points to future Kabam original champions. Obviously, I can’t make any predictions there.

The other spots I’m not making predictions for at this time are for the question marks attached to Hyperion, Black Panther Civil War, and Gwenpool, respectively.

So those are my predictions! Who do you think we’ll see enter the Battlerealm in 2021? Want to weigh in on who you would like to see added to The Contest? Head over the MCOC Wishlist Poll and cast your vote!


5 thoughts on “Who Is Coming To Marvel Contest of Champions in 2021?

  1. Where is Beta Ray Bill, Hercules, Adam Warlock, Gladiator, Morbius, The Lizard, Bullseye, Firelord, Baron Zemo, The Wrecking Crew, Titania, The Enchantress, Valkryie from the comic books, Nighthawk, Quicksilver, Doctor Spectrum, Power Princess, Tiger Shark or Attuma, Werewolf By Night, Man Wolf, Dracula, Frankenstein, Ulik The Troll, Vulcan, Quasar, Wonder Man, Kraven The Hunter, and Kazar. We get wild selections like Stryfe, Mangog, Spider Ham, Dorammmu. and Aunt May before getting these other major players in the Marvel Universe. Will we J. Jonah Jameson in the game or Ben Urich before seeing some of these Marvel lengendary characters appear in the game.


  2. Where is USA Agent, Quicksilver, The Lizard, Morbius, and Baron Zemo who have all appeared in the MUC? But instead we get characters like Stryfe, Odin, Mangog, Spiderham, and coming soon Aunt May? No Hercules, no Beta Ray Bill, no Adam Warlock, and all of these guys mentioned have been involved in some big stories in Marvel Comics. I don’t understand how characters are voted on for appearing in the game? It would also be nice if we stopped getting so many duplicate characters so we can get more variety with getting more characters to play with in the game.


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