Release Notes: MCOC v29.2 – January 2021


2020 is thankfully behind us (although it was a pretty great year for MCOC), and I am very excited for January because it will be a Mutant-Themed month featuring Jubilee and Stryfe!

Expect to see v29.2 available for download on January 4 or 5. Read The Full Release Notes.

X-Men: Prodigal Son Event Quest
Side Quest: Jubilee’s Arcade-ia
Jubilee & Stryfe
Undo Button
Season Tags
Fixes & Improvements


January’s Event Quest, “X-Men: Prodigal Son” sees the Mutant home of Krakoa under attack from an unknown assailant. Cable and a team of young mutants set off to uncover the identity of their mysterious foe.


Take a trip with Jubilee to the Mall Arcade. Use tokens each day to play Arcade Quests and earn Stamps on your Punch Card when you defeat foes to earn prizes! No word on if the villainous Arcade will make an appearance as an NPC in quest, but fingers crossed. Look for a full breakdown on the side-quest coming soon. Read the Forum Post.


A fan-favorite, Wolverine’s sidekick and Mutant mall-rat Jubilee is finally here! Expect Jubilee to put her fireworks powers to good use again Stryfe, an evil clone of Cable raised by, and later rejected by, Apocalypse.


Rejoice, for the Alliance Quest Undo Button is finally here! No longer will officers have to scramble when someone takes a wrong turn. You will have a limited number of Undos, and your energy spent will not be returned, so be careful.


A new set of temporary Tags will be added to the game, allowing for more variety in interactions. Season Tags are going to be introduced in Alliance War content first and will be paired with new Tactics. Expect to hear more details on Season Tags soon.


● New players will see that the first Mastery Point they receive at Level 6 will get spent on the Parry Mastery automatically at no additional cost.

● Fixed issue that would cause frame stutters during the run-in.

● Fixed issue where the camera would break during run-in if app was suspended.

● Fixed issue where the Info Page data would round numbers differently to how it was rounding in gameplay.

● Fixed issue where in certain circumstances HUD icons would show the incorrect timer when paused.

● Insecurity Buff: Updated Info Page to specify the Taunt debuff drains 50% of their max power over 3 seconds.

● Mind Games Buff: Updated string to specify opponents also have a reduced attack rating.

● Stubborn Defense Tactic: Fixed issue where the defender would gain an indestructible passive while attacking into a knocked down opponent.

● Blade: Demon Hunter Synergy updated with Mephisto and Dormammu to reduce Energy Resistance by a flat 950 rather than 30%.

● Ghost Rider: Updated the last three flamethrower hits during Special 2 to be projectiles instead of contact hits.

● Guardian & Spider-Ham: Fixed issue where their highlight Visual Effects would be behind other Champions in the Team
Select Screen.

● Human Torch: Fixed issue with Familiar Faces Synergy where Info Page did not match in-game potency.

● Korg: Fixed issue with Pit Fighter Synergy where Thor (Ragnarok) would not gain a Fury buff when finishing the combo with a Medium Attack against the opponent’s wall.

● Nick Fury: Fixed issue where his Special 3 Bleed would be more potent than expected if that Special was activated on the same frame as the 4th Light Attack.

● Nova: Fixed issue where Nova would obtain intense Power Gain when Stunned by Quake’s Aftershock during his dash.

● Old Man Logan: No…Not You… Synergy had Info Page updated to specify that Mysterio heals an additional 10% of the damage he took rather than flat +10% health.

● Spider-Ham: Updated misaligned Special 2 Visual Effects location.

● Vision (Aarkus): Fixed issue with Signature ability where Apocalypse was unable to prevent the Purify Ability.

● War Machine: Fixed issue where the rocket Visual Effects was misaligned during his Special 2.


If you have been following me for a while, you know I’m a X-Men fan at heart, so anytime Mutants come to the Battlerealm is a call for celebration. While Jubilee isn’t at the very top of my list, she’s still a fun character with the potential for amazing Fireworks animations. Stryfe is a little bit of a deeper cut unless you’re a hard-core Cable fanatic, but I was just getting into comics during “X-Cutioner’s Song,” so he made a big impact on me as a kid.

The Undo Button is a fantastic, much-requested addition to Alliance Quest, but I’m a bit dubious about the Season Tags. Personally, I’ve dropped down to Tier 6 AW so I’m hoping they don’t have any impact on my day-to-day in-game experience.

Let’s hope MCOC gets off to a strong start in 2021!



4 thoughts on “Release Notes: MCOC v29.2 – January 2021

    1. We’re still in the dark on new Scarlet Witch. That was a leak that said she was coming in December, Kabam hasn’t said anything about her one way or the other.


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