Book 2 Act 1 The Union – Chapter 1


Here’s all the information on the long-awaited first Chapter of Book 2 in Marvel Contest of Champions, which will be released on Wednesday, December 9th at 1pm EST.

Book 2 Overview
Legends Run
6-Star Global Nodes
Mashup Champions Return
Boss Nodes
Class Buff Nodes


– Each Act will have 4 Chapters
– Each Chapter will have 6 Quests
– Each Quest will have 6 Paths
– Each Path will have 6 Defenders and then a Boss
– There are 3 Bosses per quest (2 paths lead to each boss)
– You can swap 1 Champion (like in Incursions) per path, right before the Boss
– Energy cost is 3 per title for all Quests
– Total Completion Energy Cost = 414
– Total Exploration Energy Cost = 2,484


Let’s get to the good stuff, you want to know what the rewards are!

Additionally, you will receive 6x Tier 5 Class ISO and 4x Tier 6 Class ISO per quest. The class type will change with each quest.


The Legends Run program is not being retired (as previously announced) but updated! The rules have changed, so pay attention if you are planning a run.

The Legends Run will be available from December 9-January 8. As soon as you begin Book 2.1.1, you will then have 24 hours to 100% Explore it to be eligible for a Legends time.

Time will be recorded differently for this Legends Run. Only time spent actually fighting during the 24-hour timeframe will count toward your Legends time. This means you can take a break, pause the game, spend some time on team selection, or boost up without actually impacting your time. This should also make it possible for more devices to qualify, as loading time doesn’t count.

Legend Rewards

Top 5 Summoners
50% Tier 5 Class Catalyst Selector
10x 6-Star +5 Signature Stones
6-Star Weapon X
Mythic Title

Top 6-100 Summoners
25% Tier 5 Class Catalyst Selector
4x 6-Star +5 Signature Stones
6-Star Weapon X
Legend Title

Legends Leaderboard Points
1: 300 points
2-5: 200 points
6-50: 25 points
51-100: 15 points


If you bring your 6-stars, you’ll gain three specific boosts from Global Nodes in 2.1.1.

Adrenaline Rush: The Attacker gains up to 100% Damage Reduction at all times, scaling with their current Adrenaline. Adrenaline is gained after being Struck.

Hold the Line: The Attacker gains up to +80% Block Proficiency at all times, scaling with their current Adrenaline. Adrenaline is gained after being Struck.

Star Power: 6-star Attackers gain a permanent Passive Fury, increasing Attack Rating by +700.


Yes, some of M.O.D.O.K.’s unique creations are returning in 2.1.1. Expect to see Electro Luke, Night Carnage, Punishing Angel, Spider-Witch, Gwenperion, and yes, the dreaded Ice Phoenix as you quest through Chapter 1.


As you might expect, Kabam has cooked up some new and challenging nodes for the Bosses. Here’s what you’ll have to deal with.

Bullet Time: Any time the Defender is Stunned, they immediately remove the Stun and gain an Evade Charge which grants a 100% Chance to Evade. Each time a Hit is Evaded 1 Evade Charge is removed. If the Attacker avoids a Basic Attack using the Dexterity Mastery, all Evade Charges are removed, and the Defender is Passively Stunned for 1.5 second(s) per Charge removed.

Redlining: When the Attacker has more than 33% of their Max Power, they gain a Power Gain Passive which raises their Combat Power Rate by 100%. If the Attacker has more than 75% of their Max Power, they are immediately Power Drained down to zero.

Tantrum: Whenever the Defender is Struck by a basic attack, they gain a Tantrum Charge. When the Defender is knocked down, all Tantrum Charges are removed and each deals a burst of Physical Damage equal to 10% of the Defender’s Atack to the Attacker. While the Defender has a Concussion, Disorient, Enervate, or Taunt Debuff, all Tantrum Charges are removed without causing damage, and the Defender cannot gain any new Charges.

Defective Defense: Blocking attacks has a 100% chance to apply a Disorient Debuff to the Attacker, reducing Block Proficiency and Defensive Ability Accuracy by 25% for 12 second(s). The chance is reduced by 50% flat if the Block was Well-Timed. The Attacker can dash back and hold block for 1.2 second(s) to remove one of these Debuffs.

Special Burst Lock Down – 2: Whenever the Defender activates a Special Attack, the Attacker is afflicted with both a Heal Block and an Armor Break Debuff, lasting 10 seconds and reducing Armor Rating by 35%.

Rust and Ruin: When the Defender is struck, 40% chance to inflict Armor Break on the Attacker, reducing the Attacker’s Armor Rating by 25% over 10 seconds. If the Attacker has 5 or more of these Armor Breaks active on them, they are consumed and turned into an indefinite Armor Break Debuff.

Arrogance: Every 10 Hits on the Attacker’s Combo Meter afflicts them with a Falter Passive. Falter causes their attacks to Miss, and lasts 3 second(s). When the Attacker is Struck, Falter is removed.

Mercy: Whenever the Attacker avoids a Hit with the Dexterity Mastery, they gain a Mercy Passive. Executing a Well-Timed Block will remove all Mercy Passives from the Attacker and apply them to the Defender, where they will fall off 1 at a time every 1.5 seconds. The Defender reduces damage taken from all sources by 90% unless they have a Mercy Passive. If the Defender has a Mercy Passive, the Attacker gains +80% Attack Rating for their Special Attacks.

Staggering Beauty: While close to the Defender, the Attacker gains a Stagger Debuff every 3 seconds, nullifying their next Buff effect. Staying far away from the Defender causes these Staggers to gradually fall off.

Cold Fusion: Whenever a Cold Snap or Frost Bite expires or is purified by either Champion, the Defender gains 33% of a Bar of Power over 6 second(s).

High Energy Diet: The Defender has 99% Energy Resistance, and any Hit that deals Energy Damage Regenerates them for what the damage would have been. While the Defender is affected by an Incinerate, Shock, or Coldsnap Debuff, the Defender gains 100% of a Bar of Power every 10 second(s).

Power Buildup: When the Defender reaches 2 Bars of Power, they gain an indefinite Prowess Buff every 2 second(s) increasing Special Attack Damage by 100%.

Power Overflow: If this Defender has 10 Prowess Buffs when they activate a Special Attack it becomes Unblockable.


There are a number of class based nodes that will be available to enhance your champions.


Shake it Off: Skill Attackers Purify 1 Debuff(s) whenever they Dash backwards. The number of Debuffs Purified increases by 1 for every subsequent Dash performed in a row.

Cage Rattler: Whenever a Skill Attacker is Blocked, they have a 50% chance to Passively Stun the Defender for 2 second(s). The Stun chance is increased by 10% for every 5 hit(s) on the Attacker’s Combo Meter.

Double Down: Whenever a Skill Attacker fails to apply a Debuff to the Defender due to an Immunity, they gain a Precision Buff increasing Critical Rating by 40% for 10 second(s).


Muscle Wizard: Whenever a Mystic Attacker knocks down the Defender, the Attacker gains an Unstoppable Buff for 6 second(s). If the Attacker was already Unstoppable, they instead gain an indefinite Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by 50%. A maximum of 4 Fury Buffs can be gained this way.

Mystic Focus: Whenever a Mystic Attacker holds Block or charges a Heavy Attack, they activate a Power Gain Buff, providing 5% of their Max Power every 1 second(s) for the duration of the Block or Heavy Charge.

Mystic Curse: Whenever a Mystic Attacker activates a Special Attack, they Poison the Defender, dealing 60% of their Attack Rating as Direct Damage over 7 second(s). The potency of the Poison increases by 25% for every Buff on the Defender.


Impatience: Whenever a Cosmic Attacker fails to trigger a Buff due to chance, they have a 100% chance to trigger a Fury Buff instead, increasing Attack by 80% for 7 second(s). This cannot trigger itself.

Cosmic Fracture: Cosmic Attacker’s Light Attacks have a 50% chance to Armor Break the Defender, reducing their Armor Rating by 40% for 7 second(s). If the Light Hit was Critical, the chance is 100% instead.

Cosmic Avalanche: Whenever Cosmic Attackers activate a Special Attack, they gain a +40% Fury Buff for the duration of that Special Attack for each Unique Buff on them.


Mutant Mastery: Whenever a Mutant Attacker applies a Debuff to the Defender, they have a 40% chance to gain an indefinite Prowess Buff, increasing Special Attack Damage by 30%. This chance increases by 20% for each Debuff on the Defender. These Prowess Buffs are removed after the Attacker finishes a Special Attack.

Acclimation: Every 5 hits on their Combo Meter, Mutant Attackers Purify all Bleed, Incinerate, and Coldsnap Debuffs currently on them. Any Debuffs Purified this way provide the Attacker with 10% of a Bar of Power.

Evolutionary Advantage: While the Defender is suffering from a Bleed, Armor Break, or Concussion Debuff, Mutant Attackers gain an indefinite Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by 70%. The Fury is removed when the Defender no longer has any of those Debuffs.


Power Suppression: Whenever a Science Attacker activates a Special Attack, they apply an Enervate Debuff to the Defender for 6 second(s), preventing them from gaining Power when struck. Whenever this Enervate would expire, it consumes an active Debuff on the Defender to reapply itself.

Backfire: Whenever Science Attackers perform a Well-Timed Block, they apply a Power Sting Debuff to the Defender for 5 seconds. Defenders with Power Sting take 100% of the Attacker’s Attack Rating as Direct Damage when activating a Special Attack. The Power Sting duration increases by 25% for every Debuff on the Defender.

Eat Crow: Science Attackers gain Immunity to Nullify. Whenever a Nullify or Poison fails to apply to the Attacker due to Immunity, they gain a Fury Passive increasing Attack by 80% for 6 second(s).


Technical Suppression: Whenever a Tech Attacker activates a Special Attack, they have a 100% chance to Heal Block the Defender for 8 second(s). If the Defender was already Heal Blocked, the Attacker instead gains a Fury Buff for the duration of that Special Attack, increasing Attack Rating by 70%.

Fortification: While Tech Attackers have an Armor Up Buff, they are immune to Bleed, Poison, and Coldsnap effects. Whenever a Tech Attacker would receive a Debuff they are immune to, they gain a Fury Passive increasing Attack Rating by 20% for 7 second(s).

The Gloves Are Off: Whenever a Tech Attacker removes their own Armor Up Buff, or it expires, or it is removed by an Armor Break, they have a 30% chance to gain a Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by 50% for 8 second(s). This chance increases by 15% for every Attacker Armor Up Buff that has expired or been removed by an Armor Break since the start of the fight.

Congrats on making it this far. Good luck tackling Book 2 Act 1 Chapter 1 when it drops on December 9th!


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