MCOC Cyber Weekend 2020 – Unit Packs Reviews – Cavalier


Let’s look at the Marvel Contest of Champions Unit Packs offered to Cavalier players to see if they offer good value for your hard earned cash..

The Cavalier Unit Packs truly fascinated me this Cyber Weekend, and I’ve spent the last 24 hours picking them apart in my head. For the past several big sales, I’ve been really impressed with the offer construction in the unit store. From a marketing perspective, they have been nothing short of revenue generating works of art.

Each deal had an audience and those who wanted to spend had an option. I never felt like every offer was for me, but I always felt like there was at least one targeted to my progression needs, so I had the opportunity to spend.

MCOC was rewarded with over $2.7m in sales last Black Friday, making it number one in the App Store. Q3 of 2020 was the best sales quarter in the history of the game, almost 6 years in. Clearly, despite whatever issues some may have with the monetization structure of the game, they know how to make money.

Then we come the Cavalier Deals for Cyber Weekend 2020, which, other than the Star-Lord’s Loot Bag, seem to lack the thoughtful deal construction we’re used to seeing. The items in the deals often don’t work well together and seem random.

It appears the strategy going in was to make every deal appeal to every type of Cavalier player (something for everyone), but in trying to appeal to everyone, they actually appealed to no one.

That’s an overstatement of course, but that’s how it feels. This is compounded by Mature Cavaliers seemingly being excluded from the “Biggest Deals of the Year” as there was a total lack of Tier 5 Class Catalyst Selectors or even a meaningful amount of random Tier 5 CC.

Kabam would argue that everything in the deal is a bonus (thus technically making them free) but that not how players look at it. Players want to spend money in a very precise way, and what Kabam views as a throw-in can be viewed by players as a negative or a waste. It’s the same issue some people have with the Cavalier Crystals in the Act 6 rewards, but with actual money involved this time.

Ok, that’s enough overview, so let’s get into the deals. For each deal I’ll talk about the Pros and Cons of the deal construction, and how much added value there is with the bonus items. The “Extra Unit Value” is my value for the items added to the Unit Pack, and you can download my Unit Deal Value Spreadsheet to create your own deal values.

Peter Parker’s Wallet – $5

Extra Unit Value: 306 Units (61.2 per $1)

Notes: For $5 you’re getting a little more than 20% of a Tier 5 Basic and 1 Tier 4 Class Catalyst of your choice. Because most Cavalier players are overflowing with T4CC, it’s really just a convenience item and feels out of place with any T5B.

Star-Lord’s Loot Bag – $10

Extra Unit Value: 980 Units (98 per $1)

Notes: Of all the Cavalier deals, this one makes the most sense to me because the two items work well together and there is a clear target – players in champion acquisition mode. Even if you’ve mostly moved on to 6-Stars, you might be targeting 1 specific 5-Star from a Dual Class or Featured Crystal, and at worst you’ll likely walk away with another 275 6-Star Shards from a dupe and a bunch of ISO. Even advanced Cavaliers can find value here because of the upcoming monster 6-Star Featured Crystal.

Tony Stark’s Briefcase – $30

Extra Unit Value: 2,790 (93 per $1)

Notes: This offer is so strange to me. There is some valuable stuff there, but it doesn’t really work together. If you really desire the 6-Star shards you’re better off buying 3 of the Star-Lord’s Lootbags and walking away the extra 3K 6-Star Shards. If you’ve close to Thronebreaker, you probably have enough 5-Star Sig Stones from past offers and the new events, and 5-Star Prestige doesn’t move the needle for you. Depending where you’re at, 1 or 2 of the items in this offer really feel like throw-ins that you’re overpaying for.

Black Panther’s Treasure – $50

Extra Unit Value: 3,250 (65 per $1)

Notes: This is the most confusing deal yet. It’s truly baffling to me. Nothing in this deal works together.

If you really care about 5-Star shards you should be buying the Star-Lord’s Loot Bag. The 5% T5CC and 6-Star Signature Stones won’t help your account for at least 6 months to a year even if you are a daily grinder.

If you’re a Mature Cavalier you’re not really in the market for the 5-Star Shards and the 5% random T5CC is barely any help because it’s not a selector. Again, the 6-Star Sig Stones are an expensive throw-in, as 6-Star Prestige really only helps you with Rank 3 6-Stars, but if you had one of those you wouldn’t be seeing this deal in the first place. Plus they are random so you’ll only get 3-4 per class anyways.

The Tony Stark’s Briefcase and the Black Panther’s Treasure Chest would have been significantly improved by simply swapping the 5-Star and 6-Star Shards in the deals.

Not Show: 1M Gold

All-Father Odin’s Vault – $100

Extra Unit Value: 11,260 (112.6 per $1)

Notes: Yes, the Odin offers the biggest prizes, as you would expect. For Early to Mid-Cavalier players, there is a ton of value here if you’re willing to drop $100 on a mobile video game.

The complaints come in from the Mature Cavaliers who were totally willing to drop $100 if it moved them closer to Thronebreaker, but 10% of a random Tier 5 Class Catalyst (the most T5CC offered anywhere to Cav players on Cyber Weekend), is just not enticing. Especially hurt were players who passed on the 10% T5CC Selectors being sold the past few months because they expected to see better value on Cyber Weekend.

Yes, a 4-to-5 Generic Rank-Up Gem has a lot of value, but not if you’ve got 25+ 5/65 5-Stars already. This is another case where it should have been the base resources instead of the gem, or it should have been a Rank 1-to-2 6-Star Gem, and then at least the entire Odin would have been 6-Star focused.

That’s my review of the Cavalier Cyber Weekend Deals. Let me know what you thought about the deals in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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