Release Notes: MCOC v29.1 – December 2020


It’s Marvel Contest of Champions 6th Anniversary, so you know it’s going to be a crazy month indeed. We’ll see the release of one of Marvel’s wackiest characters, Spider-Ham, along with the release of both Book 2 Act 1 Chapter 1 and Variant 6, a number of holiday-themed calendars, and the return of Gifting!

Expect to see v29.1 available for download on November 30. Read The Full Release Notes.

Book 2 Act 1 Chapter 1
Variant 6
Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen)
Holiday Calendars
Anniversary Boost
Halls of Healing, Fortune, & Glory
Gifting Event


December’s Event Quest, “Framed by Fame” stars Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham. Note that this will be a 5-week Event Quest month, with December events ending on Wednesday, January 6.


Mojo is back and he wants Spider-Ham to be the next big ratings driver for the Mojoverse. Team-up with Gwen Stacy to play through two chapters (six quests total) in Spider-Ham: Back on the Air! Special “Epoch Shards” will be available via the Side Quest, and they can be used to buy year specific Featured Hero, Grandmaster, and Cavalier Crystals.

Back on the Air will have a 1 energy per tile requirement, with a total of 204 energy needed to 100% the event. This is just a simple quest (no daily logins/keys/maps/rewards spreadsheet needed), all you need to do is 100% it by January 6th. There will be 4 difficulty levels: Legendary, Epic, Master, and Heroic. You can play all difficulties, assuming you meet the requirement to unlock them.

December Side Quest Rewards


The buff to the Daredevil formerly known as Netflix will go live with the 29.1 update. The new Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen) has brand new animations and a fully retooled kit. Read his Champion Spotlight here.


The Event Quest that brought us Luke Cage, Daredevil Netflix and (almost) Jessica Jones is back with a Variant edition! This Variant will buff champions who have the #Villian tag, granting them various abilities including Fury, Armor Break, and Unstoppable. You’ll still be able to bring Heroes and Mercenaries, but their abilities will be restricted. The release date and rewards for Variant 6 have not been announced yet.


Carina is now in charge, but The Grandmaster’s ISO-Sphere has gone missing. Carina needs to find it, and it’s up to you as The Summoner to help her in her quest. Be prepared to face dangers both new and familiar in Book 2 Act 1 Chapter 1, which releases on Wednesday, December 9 at 1pm EST.


As expected, there will be a special Holiday Calendar later in the month to celebrate Marvel Contest of Champions turning 6! The Calendar will start on December 10 at 1pm EST and your gifts (including a profile pick and title) will be tied to your progression level.

The Anniversary Boost will also go live at that time and run through December 17 at 1pm EST, granting you a +20% bonus on Gold and Battlechips! Make sure to save your gold and arena crystals until the boost goes live.

If that wasn’t enough, there will be a 14-Day Holiday Calendar beginning on December 21 and running through January 4!

Looking to grind some arena? Take your 1 & 2-Star champs into the Crystal Shard Anniversary Week Arena (December 10-17) to earn 4-Star, 5-Star and 6-Star Shards. Up to 5,000 6-Star Shards will be available to Summoners who have achieved the Uncollected Title.

The Halls of Healing, Fortune, and Glory also return this Holiday season, and will rotate every 24-hours during the Anniversary Week.

Finally, a Christmas Gift has been confirmed! Let’s see what Kabam Santa decides to leave under the tree.


Was there ever really a doubt? Gifting is indeed back, but with some big changes for 2020.

You must be a member of an alliance for 14 days before you can contribute points or claim rewards from the events. Users must contribute a minimum number of points per milestone to receive rewards. There are no brackets, and Ranked Rewards payouts will be delayed by 1 week. This delay applies to both Solo and Alliance Rewards.

The Gifting Event will run from December 21 at 1pm EST through January 4 at 1pm EST.


Archangel: Updated Info Page to better specify that each Bleed Debuff reduces the chance that an opponent’s Purify abilities will trigger instead of referring to it as Tenacity.

Black Panther (Civil War): Fixed visual effect on Special 3.

Hulk (Immortal): Fixed issue where the camera would clip through the stage during his Special Updated Special 1 and Special 2 Info Page to align the structure with other Champions. Fixed issue where the purple outline visual effects would not appear.

King Groot: Updated Special 2 to ensure the Poison Cloud hits are counted as a projectile.

Magneto: Updated the Info Page to indicate that this Signature Ability prevents Magneto from losing a certain amount of health from a single damage source (excluding Special 3 Attacks).

Mole Man: Updated Info Page to clarify he gains a Monster Mass if a Debuff fails to apply to Mole Man due to his immunity.

Nick Fury: Fixed issue where he was scaled too small on the upgrade screen.

Omega Red: Fixed issue where Special 3 Power Gain was inconsistent.

Platinumpool: Fixed issue where the Special 3 audio was not sped up during speedy Auto Fight.

Quake: Updated Shield Agents Synergy Info Page specifying the correct ability accuracy potency.

Red Hulk: Updated Info Page to specify he removes Poison and Incinerate Debuffs.

Red Skull: Fixed issue where Info Page was showing certain Synergies twice.

Thanos: Updated Special 1 to specify Projectile attack which fixed an issue where Tigra’s Heavy Charge did not allow these attacks to miss.

Vulture: Fixed issue where the last wind hit of the Special 2 was counting as physical contact instead of a physical projectile.

Fixed an issue where Armor and Resistances were not affecting damage calculations correctly while Armor was Negative.

Fixed issue where the game would stall after pressing the fight button.

Fixed issue where pausing the game when blocking would cause the player to stay in the block animation and preventing them from attacking.

Feat of Indestructible Buff – Updated description to specify which bar of power required to obtain the Indestructible Buff.


We’re only getting one new champion this month, but I’m looking forward to Spider-Ham and seeing how the Daredevil buff plays out. That being said, December in Marvel Contest of Champions is always about big content releases, gifting, and special calendars. With both Book 2 Act 1 Chapter 1 and Variant 6 releasing over the course of the month, there will be no lack of content for even the most endgame Summoners. Personally I’m going to try for an initial clear of Book 2 in the first week, then go for 100% exploration of Variant 6 as soon as it’s available.



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