Alliance Quest Season 8 – Apocalyptic Mutiny


A new season of Alliance Quest is coming to Marvel Contest of Champions on December 3! Here’s all the details you need to be prepared for Season 8 – Apocalyptic Mutiny. Read Kabam’s Full Update here.

Apocalypse Boss Maps 5-7
Professor X Boss Maps 1-4
Class Nodes Removed
Mutant & X-Men Boosts Added
Cyclops Most Effective Champion CONFIRMED
Glory Store Improvements
T5CC 5% Frag In Thronebreaker Glory Store
Rank Rewards Buffed


It was widely speculated that Apocalypse would be the next Alliance Quest Boss, and it has now been confirmed that En Sabah Nur will take over as the Maps 5-7 Boss, while Professor X will be the Maps 1-4 Boss. Here’s the full rundown of the changes to bosses and mini-bosses.

Map 7

Boss: Apocalypse (Vigor/Empowered Immunity/Stupefy/Cutting Wires)

V1 Mini-Boss: Sasquatch (Delayed Reaction removed and Health Boost decreased to +200%)

V2 Mini-Boss: Magneto (Polka Dot power/Sadist 2/Flux Dispersal/+40% Physical Resistance)

V3 Mini-boss: Magneto House of X (Heavy Hitter/Mighty Charge 3/Power Struggle/True Strike/Power Snack 2)

Map 6

Boss: Apocalypse (Vigor/Empowered Immunity/Stupefy)

V1 Mini-Boss: Bishop (No Hit Mercy 3/Soft Guard 2/Power Focus 2)

Bishop replaces Nova.

Map 5

Boss: Apocalypse (Vigor/Empowered Immunity/Stupefy)

V2 Mini-Boss: Emma Frost (Powerful From Afar/Bulk Up/Oscillate 1)

Emma Frost replaces Human Torch.

Map 4

Boss: Professor X (Power Alternator/Faltering Mind)

V2 Mini-Boss: Deadpools -Classic/X-Force/Goldpool/Venompool – (Aspect of Death/Enhanced Special 2/Conflictor 2)

Deadpools replace Silver Surfer.

Map 3

Boss: Professor X (Power Alternator)

V2 Mini-Boss: Hulkbuster (Buff Duration +20%, Special 2 Bias removed)

Map 2

Boss: Professor X

V1 Mini-Boss: Beast (+20% Physical Resistance/Pull!)

Beast replaces Namor.

Map 1

Boss: Professor X

Mini-Boss: Wolverine (Arc Overload 2.0)

Wolverine replaces Diablo.

So. Damn. Effective.


The biggest change is that the Class Ascendency buffs (the ones that boosted certain classes while nerfing one each week) have been removed. They are being replaced by randomly rotating, X-Men themed buffs.

Gene Splicing (Cross Fight): If a Mutant on your team is affected by a Bleed, Poison, Shock, Incinerate, Coldsnap Debuff for 5 seconds total in a fight, they Purify all of that type of Debuff and reduce the potency of any future Debuffs of that type by 100%. This lasts for the next 3 fights.

Mutagenic Symbiosis: For each Mutant brought on your team, each of your Mutants gains the following abilities:
● 1 Mutant: Your Offensive Power rate is increased by {5}% per Mutant.
● 2 Mutants: Each time the Attacker fills a Bar of Power generate a Passive Prowess
increasing the Special Attack damage by {15}% per Mutant on your team, this can be
stacked {2} times per Mutant brought into the quest.
● 3 Mutants: Special Attacks become Unblockable while above {4} Prowess. Additionally for each stack of Prowess increase, Attack Rating during Special attacks {10}%.

Mutany (Cross Fight): Entering into a fight with any Mutant without a Mutany Passive, grants them 3 which are Persistent throughout the quest. Each Mutany Passive grants the Attacker with 20% bonus to Ability Accuracy, a +30% Passive Prowess. At the end of every fight, regardless of result, Remove 1 Mutany Passive from the Attacker.

X-ercise Dominance: All #X-Men tagged Attackers gain a 100% chance to gain a 1 second Unblockable Passive when launching a Special Attack. If this champion’s Special Attack Breaks the opponent’s Block, gain a Passive Fury granting +1500 Attack for 10 seconds.

X-calation: Based on the number of #X-Men tagged champions on your team, #X-Men
Attackers gain the following benefits when the opponent is knocked down. These effects all last
for 10 seconds per #X-Men on your team:
● 1 #X-Men: Gain a Vigilance Passive.
● 2 #X-Men: Gain a True Accuracy Passive.
● 3 #X-Men: #X-Men tagged champions can Block Unblockable Special Attacks

K-Meyeke: This is a global boost for Cyclops that will appear on every AQ Map for the entire season, granting Cyclops a Passive +200% Fury.

Finally, the Map 1-5 minions will now rotate between Doom Bots (V1), Ultron Drones (V2), and Symbioids (V3).


Yes, the Glory Store is receiving a big update, including a new Thronebreaker level! Thronebreakers only will be able to purchase a 5% Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal for 2,700 Glory once per AQ cycle.

Other improvements including the increase of Tier 2 Alpha Frags to 10,800 for Uncollected and up will be well received, but there is still no change to Health Potions or Revives.


Finally, Alliance Quest Rank Rewards have been updated. T5cc Fragments from Rank Rewards will now be available to the Top 30 Alliances. Alliances in the Top 46-800 range will see a significant improvement improvement in their weekly Tier 5 Basic and Tier 2 Alpha Rewards.

There are no changes to Honor Rewards or Peak Milestone rewards in this update.



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