MCOC Road Map Update – November 2020


Kabam has just posted an update to the Road Map. While much of it is a review of items that have already been added to the game, there are many important updates. Here’s a quick look at what’s in development.


Book 2 Chapter 1 – Confirmed release on December 9

Summer of Pain – Delayed, potential Spring 2021 Release

Variant 6 – More info coming soon

Note that Variant 6 is expected to be the Luke Cage/Jessica Jones/Netflix Daredevil Event Quest, and that Netflix Daredevil has been confirmed as the December champion buff.


The news here is Kabam is working toward a big revamp of both Alliance Quest and Alliance War, so this is delaying some of the individual items on the Road Map

Path Assignments – Delayed until AQ/AW Revamp

Defender Placements – Delayed until AW Revamp

AQ Officer – In development – No ETA

Undo Button – In Development – No ETA

Help All – Delayed – We will likely see Help 8 / Help 16 – No ETA

Alliance Quest – Link Node Rework & Energy Rework In Design – No ETA

Raid Bosses – Still Early In Design Phase – No ETA


Wish Crystal – In Design – Late 2020/Early 2021 Timeline

Champion Buff Schedule:

December – Daredevil (Devil of Hell’s Kitchen) – Overhaul

January – None

February – Two Tune-Ups & Two Updates

March – Two Tune-Ups & Two Updates

April – Two Overhauls

The February-April schedule will be the three month cycle for champion buffs going forward.


Duel Target “Fight Again Button” – Paused – Still coming but other items have been prioritized,

Volume Trigger Gameplay Mechanic – In Development – Volume Triggers (sometimes called “Area of Effect”) are expected early in 2021,

Fight Replays – Paused – Early tech for this is in place, but other features have been prioritized. Expected sometime in 2021.

Strikers – In Development – Still in early design stage, need to figure out how Strikers will work and interact with existing game systems. Possible sneak peak in the works.

Incursions Hacks Update – In Design – Next 2-3 Months Based on Original Timeline.

Incursions Firewalls/Matchmaking Zone Targets/Champ Refresh & No Cooldown – In Development – No ETA

Incursions Friendships Benefits/Abilities – Not Started – No ETA

Arena PI Differentials – In Design – Looking at further improvements after the October Arena Update.

Arena Auto Help/Boosts/Auto Select Team – In Design – No ETA

Arena 2.0 – In Design – No ETA – More to come on what exactly this is.

Social Progression – Paused – Prioritizing current features for now.

Solo Competitive Mode – In Design – No ETA – Exploring potential competitive gameplay options.



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