Chapter Guide – Act 2.3.4 – Immune – Learning About Immunities


Here’s my guide for Act 2.3.4 “Immune” in Marvel Contest of Champions.

General Thoughts:

The aptly named “Immune” quest is all about learning that champions can be immune to different forms of damage. For example, in this quest there are champs immune to bleed, poison, and incinerate damage, and Nebula is resistant to shock.

I didn’t hit any progression milestones or pull any good champs during this quest.

If you have questions about the basic attack moves and combos in Marvel Contest of Champions, please check out my MCOC 101: Combos guide.

Best Champs: Any

Restrictions: Need 1 Mystic & 1 Tech

Global Node: None

Boss: Hulk

Boss Notes: Just a regular Hulk, nothing to worry about. Don’t get stunned and you’ll be fine.

Lane 1 – Left

Gate: None

Defenders: Scarlet Witch, Ultron, Abomination, Mephisto, Quake, OG Vision

Nodes: None


Tips: A Poison-Immune champion is a good idea for the Abomination fight. For Mephisto, ideally you want Void or Human Torch to reverse his healing, otherwise he will gain a big spike of health when he hits 30% health remaining.

Lane 2 – Center

Gate: None

Defenders: Captain America Infinity War, Punisher 2099, Joe Fixit, Quake, OG Vision

Nodes: None


Tips: This is the Easy Path.

Lane 3 – Right

Gate: Need 1 Mystic & 1 Tech

Defenders: She-Hulk, Vision AoA, Dormammu, Nebula, Red Hulk

Nodes: None


Tips: Note that all the defenders except for Dormammu are awakened. Several of them are immune to Bleed, and all are immune to Poison, so don’t bring champions that rely on those Debuffs to deal big damage.

My Roster:

Jump To:
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Act 2.3.4 – “Immune” – Learning About Immunities
Act 2.3.5 – “The Tide” – 3K Hulk
Act 2.3.6 – “Whispers” – Rhino Charge!
Act 2.4.1 – “Benefactor” – Level 28


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