How The October 2020 Side Quest Works – Hades Invasions


10/7 Update – Note that Limbo Quests have been temporarily disabled because of a bug that allowed for the infinite farming of Monsters & Hunters Shards.

10/8 Update – Limbo Quests have returned and it is now safe to run them multiple times a day.

10/15 Update – Added Cavalier Objective Info

All Hell is breaking loose in the Battlerealm this October, thanks to Mephisto. Let’s take a look at all the information you need for a successful month of Hades Invasions.


Hades Invasions Schedule:
Begins: October 7 at 1pm EST
Hades Invasion #1: October 7 at 1pm EST
Hades Invasion #2: October 12 at 1pm EST
Hades Invasion #3: October 17 at 1pm EST
Hades Invasion #4: October 22 at 1pm EST
Hades Invasion #5: October 27 at 1pm EST
Ends: November 4 at 1pm EST


Limbo Quests

Step 1 is to complete a daily Limbo Quest. These quests are 3 fights plus a boss. There are 4 difficulty levels for Limbo Quests: Heroic, Master, Epic, and Legendary.

Each Limbo Quest will reward Lost Souls, Monsters & Hunters Shards, and an entry key for the corresponding level of the Hades Invasions. Basically, if you want to run the Legendary Hades Invasion, you need a key from the Legendary Limbo Quest. Limbo Quests reset every 24 hours.

Per the in-game mail, Monsters & Hunters Shards can only be earned once per 24 hours, but the Lost Souls and Keys are grindable and thus can be earned multiple times a day.

There is an energy cost for playing Limbo Quests. It will cost 8 energy to complete Heroic and Master, and 16 energy for Epic and Legendary.

You are able to run all difficulty levels of the Limbo Quests every day as long as you are at least Level 25.

Legendary Difficulty 
Legendary Soul Key1
Lost Souls200
Monsters & Hunters
Shards *
Epic Difficulty 
Epic Soul Key1
Lost Souls200
Monsters & Hunters
Shards *
Master Difficulty 
Master Soul Key1
Lost Souls100
Monsters & Hunters
Shards *
Heroic Difficulty 
Heroic Soul Key1
Lost Souls100
Monsters & Hunters
Shards *
* Completion Only 
Rewards Reset Every
24 Hours

Hades Invasions

Once you have a Key, you can play the Hades Invasions. There are 5 Hades Invasions Quests, and they unlock throughout the month (schedule is above in “Hades Invasions Schedule”).

Like the Limbo Quests, each path in Hades Invasions will consist of 3 fights and then a Boss, but there will be no energy costs!

Like with Mutant Treasure Island, the Hades Invasions rewards are on the path. You must complete the quest to claim the reward. If you back out, the reward will be put back on the path, but the path will remain permanently unlocked. You can only claim path rewards once.

Also just like with Mutant Treasure Island, you can save up your Keys and run Hades Invasions whenever you would like, provided the Quest has been unlocked.

6-Star Shards5,000
5-Star Shards15,000
Tier 5 Basic Frags18,200
T5cc 2% Frags5
T2 Alpha Rags38,000
Golden Crystals
6-Star Shards1,000
5-Star Shards10,000
Tier 5 Basic Frags9,000
T2 Alpha Frags36,000
T4cc Frags38
T4cc Crystals2
T4 Basic 2
T4 Basic Frags45,000
Golden Crystals
5-Star Shards2,000
4-Star Shards5,000
T4cc Frags20
T4cc Crystals1
T4 Basic Frags72,000
T4 Basic 1
T2 Alpha Frags16,000
Legendary Crystal1
Golden Crystals
Ultimate Crystal1
4-Star Crystal1
4-Star Shards2,000
3-Star Shards6,000
T3cc Crystals8
T4cc Frags8
T4 Basic Frags9,000
PHC Shards4,000
Golden Crystals24

Special Cavalier Objective

This month, you can earn 10% of a random Tier 5 Class Catalyst by beating the Legendary Limbo Quest 3 times with a Team Rating of under 10,000. This is determined by the total prestige of the champions on your team, PLUS any active synergies. It is not the PI, which is listed as TOTAL in Green on the team selection screen.

Lost Souls – Soul Boost Store

Lost Souls are the unique currency for the month, and you earn Lost Souls by completing Limbo Quests.

Lost Souls can be used to purchase additional keys for Hades Invasions. 300 Souls will get you a Legendary or Epic Key, and 150 Souls will get you a Master or Heroic Key.

Lost Souls can also be used to buy Soul Boosts to help you on your quest through Hades Invasions. However, because trading Lost Souls in for Keys is going to net you more rewards for the month, I’m recommending you spend your Lost Souls on Keys unless you need the Boosts to complete the hardest level of difficulty, or you’re committed to grinding out every difficulty of the Limbo Quests every day, in which case you’ll have all the keys you need.

If you do choose to purchase Soul Boosts, here is the list of Boosts, along with the attacker and defender bonuses gained from each boost. These boosts only apply to Hades Invasions and can not be used in other content.

Soul Boosts

Soul of Wrath
Attacker: Immune to Incinerate
Defender: When an Incinerate fails to apply to the attacker, the Defender gains a Passive Fury increasing Attack Rating by 40% for 8 seconds.

Soul of Sloth
Attacker: Immune to Coldsnap
Defender: Whenever a Coldsnap fails to apply and the defender isn’t stunned, the Defender gains 1 Evade charge, granting 100% chance to evade the next attack for the next 6 seconds.

Soul of Envy
Attacker: Attacker is Immune to Poison
Defender: Whenever a Poison fails to apply to the attacker, the Defender gains a 7 second Unstoppable Buff.

Soul of Pride
Attacker: Immune to Bleed
Defender: Whenever a Bleed fails to apply, the Defender gains 20% of a bar of power.

Soul of Greed
Attacker: Immune to Shock
Defender: Whenever a Shock fails to apply, the Defender Regenerates 10% of their maximum health over 2 seconds.

Good luck with Hades Invasions this month!



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