Release Notes: MCOC v28.2


After a long 5-week Event Quest, the October update is almost here. As previously reported, Cosmic Ghost Rider and Red Goblin are set to make their Marvel Contest of Champions debuts next month. Be on the lookout for their Champion Spotlights, which will be released soon, and expect to see v28.2 available for download on October 5-6. Read The Full Release Notes.

Event Quest

In October’s Event Quest, mysterious time anomalies have been reported in the Battlerealm, as well as sightings of “The Rider” and talk of an abandoned stash of crystals.

Starting with this Event Quest there will no longer be a monthly Beginner Difficulty, but units will be added to the Uncollected Difficulty to make up for the loss.

Side Quest

As always, I’ll have a full breakdown of the monthly Side Quest closer to the event, but here’s what we know now. October’s Side Quest centers around Mephisto, who needs your help to clean up Hades. First you’ll need to run Limbo Quests to gather Lost Souls. These are then traded Soul Boosts, which you’ll use to run Hades Invasions for rewards. Because Mephisto is a known trickster, the Soul Boosts will not only boost your attackers, they will also buff the defenders as well, so be careful!

Punisher 2099 Buff

The first champion tune-up is here! Among many tweaks, Punisher 2099 is receiving increased base armor and attack ratings. His Battery will now start at 40% and will charge faster, and Overdrive will drain the Battery at a slower rate. His Regen and Power Drain have been increased, as well as the length of his Power Lock.

Act 6 Changes

Kabam is making the final set of Act 6 changes with the v28.2 update. These changes are targeted at reducing the difficulty of individual encounters throughout Act 6.

Highlights include:
6.1.5 Crossbones – Biohazard replaced with Poison
6.2.2 Mr. Sinister – EMP Modification replaced with Prey on the Weak
6.2.5 Mordo – Reduced Strength in Numbers potency to 12.5% per KOed champ
6.3.1 Medusa – Removed Counterstrike
6.3.3 Mysterio – Mysterio replaced with King Groot, and preceding King Groot replaced with Groot.
6.3.5 Mysterio – Removed Armor Break Immunity
6.3.6 Captain America IW – Replaced Unlimited Power with Aggression: Fury
6.4.3 Darkhawk – Removed Raptor Upgrades
6.4.4 Iceman – Replaced with Havok
6.4.4 Aarkus – EMP Modification replaced with Buffet
6.4.5 Hydra Adaptoid – Champion Boost reduced from 600% to 300%

Check out the release notes for a full list of the changes.

No news yet on compensation, but stay tuned!

Additional Features

There will be a special Punishing Arena which will reward additional Soul Boosts as well as Monsters & Hunters Crystal Shards.

You can earn even more Soul Boosts and Monsters & Hunters Crystals by completing October’s special Deadly Sins Solo Objectives. There will also be new profile pictures available from this event.

Kabam is bringing the boss fights from NYCC 2017, 2018, and 2019 in-game for everyone to try! Participate in the Convention Clash for unique titles and profile pictures.

Finally, Ghost-Rider is now immune to Incinerate!

Final Thoughts

Kabam is back to adding some newer Marvel characters that I’m not familiar with from the comics, but they look really cool. For me, the biggest story of the month is the completion of the Act 6 Nerf. Many Summoners, including myself, have been holding off on exploring Act 6 until these changes were made. Now that the Thronebreaker title has been announced, it’s time to get moving.


5 thoughts on “Release Notes: MCOC v28.2

  1. thanks for the breakdown can`t wait to here your full thoughts on the side quest. ps very happy with the arena collector crystals and lvl 3 revives, very cool


  2. How to counter Crossbones in 6.1.5. I barely managed to get Magneto and now he doesn’t work because of poison. Dont know what to do.
    I don’t have any robot champ for poison immune and heal block. Please help.


    1. If don’t have an option, your roster is probably too thin to continue in Act 6 right now. If you try to power thru, you’ll just end of spending a bunch of items and units.

      I would suggest working on some Variants or other content to acquire more champs. We all hit road blocks at times, its ok to focus on other portions of the game and come back to it when you’re ready.


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