Champion Release Schedules – Professor X & Apocalypse


If you are looking to acquire either of the September releases in Marvel Contest of Champions, Professor X and Apocalypse, here are some important dates to mark on your calendar. Please remember Kabam can make changes to the Arena and Basic Pool release schedules and all these dates are based off my understanding of their champion release process.

Professor X

9/10/20 – 1st Arena
10/6/20 – 5-Star Featured Crystal
12/15/20 – 6-Star Featured Crystal
1/5/21 – Basic Pool (Projected)
3/18/21 – 4-Star Basic Arena
3/23/21 – 6-Star Basic Pool


9/24/20 – 1st Arena
12/15/20 – 6-Star Featured Crystal
1/12/21 – 5-Star Featured Crystal
1/19/21 – Basic Pool (Projected)
3/23/21 – 6-Star Basic Pool
4/1/21 – 4-Star Basic Arena


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