How The September 2020 Side Quest Works – Mutant Treasure Island


9/3 – Update on the bug exploit & bans.

9/5 – Mutant Treasure Island Forum FAQ

9/5 – All rewards are now visible on the paths. Maps from Cat Murdock are located at the bottom of this post.

Do you have questions about September’s Side Quest? Need a translation from Pirate to Summoner? Well you’re in luck! Here’s the full breakdown on the Mutant Treasure Island event. If you’re in the mood though, be sure to check out Kabam Boo’s truly inspired post on the Official Forums.

Difficulty Levels

There are 4 Difficulty levels for the Side Quest: Legendary (Cavalier), Epic, Master, and Heroic. Each difficulty level will have 28 paths, however you will only be able to run a total of 35 paths during the event. There are no energy requirements for this event.

How to Play

Step 1 involves Special Solo Objectives, which will appear once per day. Upon completion of the Objective, you will be granted a Jones’ Locker, which will allow you to select a Key of your choosing so you can actually run the Mutant Treasure Island Quest. A Key can be used once to unlock a path on your chosen difficulty level. Once you unlock a path the Key will disappear, but the path will remain unlocked for the duration of the event. However, if you re-run a path, you will not receive any additional rewards.

Based on the event description, you’ll be able to let the Solo Objectives stack up, so if you want to wait to complete them, and then in turn use multiple Keys in a single day, you should be fine.

September’s Event Quest runs for 5 weeks (from September 2 – October 7), so you’ll receive 35 Keys over the course of the month by completing all the Objectives. This will allow you to explore all paths on your chosen difficulty, with an extra 7 Keys left over to use on a second difficulty level.


All the rewards are in chests located on the path. There are no completion or exploration rewards for this event. While all the rewards are hidden, they are in the same paths for everyone, so as the community explores each difficulty level, maps should come out with the locations of each reward.

4-Star Chest: Signature Stones Crystals or Awakening Gem

3-Star Chest: Catalyst Fragments, Catalysts, or Catalyst Crystals

2-Star Chest: Hero Crystals or Hero Crystal Shards

1-Star Chest: Gold

The amounts and exact items are specific to the difficulty level.

Note that if you are trying to complete Platinumpool, the Beautiful Mouth of the Fabulous One will be on a path in the Epic Difficulty. Remember to save one of your keys for this path once the community identifies it.


Treasure Maps have been created by the amazing Cat Murdock! Please support Cat’s MCOC related art on Redbubble.

Good luck on your treasure hunt!



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