Around The Battlerealm – August 31, 2020


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Monday, August 31, 2020.

Schedule Notes: Round 2 of the 4-Star Basic Thing and Dragon Man Featured Arenas at 1pm EST. Summoner Sigil Owners, your Solo Event, Gold Quest, and items on a 7-day timer and the 5-Star Featured Crystal in the Black-ISO Market reset at 1pm EST. Week 2 of the Summoner Showdown (Captain Marvel Movie) begins at 1pm EST. The September Motion Comic “Rise of X” premiers at 1pm EST. The Legends Celebration ends at 1pm EST. Incursions Milestones reset at 2pm EST. UMCOC Podcast, Live on Discord at 8pm EST.

View the Summoner Showdown Leaderboard.

Listen to Episode 31 of the Contest Realm Podcast with RichTheMan.

Seatin pits 3-Star Air Walker versus the Act 4 Maestro.

Simula67 solos Herald Void with Blade.

KT1 debuts his Dragon Man in Map 7 and Variant content.

MetalSonicDude solos Variant 5 Scarlet Witch with Dragon Man.

Jason Voorhees has a Storm Pyramid X guide.

Hector and OMNI face-off with D69 in Alliance War.

Luhdemtaters showcases members of The Illuminati in his latest Power Index video.



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