Summoner Showdown – Week 1 Options For Silver Surfer


If you’re looking to compete in Week 1 of the Summoner Showdown, or maybe you just want to complete Show-Up Difficulty for the shards and gold, here are some champions and team combinations to get you started. Remember you can only use 4-Star Champs to take down the Silver Surfer boss.

Showdown Difficulty

Show-Up Difficulty
Medusa with Karnak, Black Bolt, & Ronan
Ghost with The Hood, Wasp, Ant-Man
Doctor Doom with Mr. Fantastic
Colossus with Omega Red & Emma Frost
Mephisto with The Champion, Ghost-Rider, Symbiote Supreme, & Morningstar

Other Potential Options
Human Torch
Emma Frost
Silver Surfer
Iron Man Infinity War
Captain Marvel Movie
King Groot

If you’re seen a different champion or synergy team work, please let us know in the comments!



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