Sasquatch Champion Review

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Thanks to the new Content Creator Beta, I’m able to give you an early look at the power of a 5-Star 5/65 Signature Level 200 Sasquatch. Note that this champion was on my test account, not my main account, and that access to the CCP Beta was temporary and for testing purposes only.

To test out Sasquatch’s usefulness, I took him into Variant 2 with his squad of XL buddies to see how he stacks up. Check out the video and read my full review below.

Overall Design

I really like how Sasquatch is designed. I have a soft spot XL/Tank champions, so he fits my play-style. Sasquatch moves very smoothly for a big guy, and his kit is pretty intuitive.

Best Rotation/Damage

What’s nice about Sasquatch is you’re rewarded for basic 5-hit combos and SP1/SP2 game-play. Sasquatch’s big damage comes from his SP2, but you have to do a little work before you get there. Light attacks build Rage charges on Sasquatch. Once you get over 5 you have a chance to enter his “Wrath of Tanaraq” bonus phase. Medium attacks build rupture Debuffs on the opponent, which can be refreshed via the SP1 and removed via the SP2. Each Rupture Debuff increases Sasquatch’s SP2 damage, and if he’s in Wrath of Tanaraq he gains an additional 50% damage on top of that.

So to review, with Sasquatch you want to 5-hit combo to build up Rage and Ruptures. Refresh the Ruptures with the SP1, and once you hit Wrath of Tanaraq with multiple Ruptures stacked up, launch the SP2 for big damage.


Doesn’t need to be awakened to access his big damage. His signature ability has two parts. The first is a scaling regeneration that has a percent chance to activate once per fight when hit by a contact attack when below 40% health. The second part allows him to become Passively Unstoppable during Wrath of Tanaraq when using Special and Heavy Attacks, and the opponent’s defensive power rate is decreased during these attacks.

His heavy attack places a Stagger Debuff (Max 2) that prevents the opponent from activating their next buff. He is better in match-ups where you need to prevent buffs, versus fights that require you to nullify already active buffs.

If the opponent is Staggered or has a buff, Sasquatch’s rate of power gain from attacking is increased.

Immune to Armor Break and Frostbite, and his 90% Coldsnap resistance should allow for healing via Willpower in most circumstances.

Ranks in the 91st percentile for Prestige as a 5/65 Sig 200 5-Star Champion, putting him at #2 in the Mystic class.

His health pool is massive. At 44K HP for a 5-Star 5/65, he has the largest health pool in the game.

If his healing is reversed, he removes his healing effects.

Rage stacks reduce all incoming damage by 5% per stack (except for SP3). Rage can stack up to 15 times.

His synergies are helpful but not absolutely required. His synergy partners are other quality champions such as Hulkbuster, Squirrel Girl, Hulk, Thing, Sentinel, Man-Thing, Sabretooth, and Guardian, and come from a variety of classes, so you can actually build a solid team around him.


As his damage is tied to his Rupture Debuffs. Sasquatch will be at a severe disadvantage versus champions than can shrug debuffs, in Debuff-Immune matchups, or against nodes the purify debuffs.

Can’t nullify already active buffs.

Ability to Stagger opponents is compromised in Stun-Immune matchups.

Fights that restrict Sasquatch’s ability to use his full range of basic attacks and specials will greatly reduce his damage potential.

Needs to spam SP1 to build up Rupture Debuffs, making him suicide un-friendly.

Regeneration from the Signature Ability is very RNG dependent, so you can’t rely on it to save you. If you need to heal, you have to launch a SP3 which comes at the cost of big damage from your SP2.

Final Take

While Sasquatch won’t likely be considered a top mystic, he’s fun to play and has some practical uses. I’m not one to go for Featured Cavalier Crystals or grind the 5-Star Arena, but I’d certainly be happy pulling him from the next 5-Star Feature Crystal. He is a champion I would bring to 4/55, and possibly 5/65.

What are your thoughts on Sasquatch? Let me know in the comments below.



3 thoughts on “Sasquatch Champion Review

  1. I pulled him as a 6* recently and used him in 7.1.5 on the micro-reflect path due to his being XL. I found I really enjoyed using him and he had a fair bit of utility. He reminds me of the Hood. Maybe not a top tier Mystic but certainly not trash. I am taking him to rank 2 and don’t think I’ll regret it at all.


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