Chapter Guide – Act 1.1.5 – Pathways – Learning to Parry


Here’s my guide for Act 1.1.5 “Pathways” in Marvel Contest of Champions.

General Thoughts: This is the first quest where you can actually switch paths. While I am listing the paths as left and right, there are no rules that say you can’t mix things up. So if you’re just looking for initial completion and you want to skip the first left path, but then take the second left path, go for it!

This is the first opportunity I had on this account to utilize the Parry Mastery. You’ll have at least 1 Mastery Point available by now, so make sure it is allocated to Parry. Practice your well-timed blocks. Once you learn to consistently Parry-Stun your opponent, the game will get a lot easier.

If you have questions about the basic attack moves and combos in Marvel Contest of Champions, please check out my MCOC 101: Combos guide.

Best Champs: Any

Restrictions: None

Global Node: None

Boss: Iron Man

Lane 1 – Left

Gate: None

Defenders: Hulkbuster, Carnage, The Hood, Venom, Gamora

Nodes: None

Team: 2 Star Scarlet Witch, 2 Star Black Bolt, 2 Star Yellowjacket

Tips: This path has 1 extra fight on it, so if you are still struggling, you should do the Right side for initial completion.

Lane 2 – Right

Gate: None

Defenders: Carnage, The Hood, Captain Marvel Classic, Gamora

Nodes: None

Team: 2 Star Scarlet Witch, 2 Star Rhino, 2 Star Black Panther

Tips: Continue to practice your Parry and learn the different attack animations of champs. Think about which champions in your roster best suit your play-style and are the most fun for you to play.

My Roster:

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Act 1.1.5 – “Pathways” – Learning to Parry
Act 1.1.6 – “Unraveling” 100% Rewards & Joining An Alliance
Act 1.2.1 – “Threats” – Third 3-Star Champion



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