MCOC Survey 2020 – Game-Mode & Prestige Analysis


About a month ago, a number of content creators circulated a survey covering several issues important to the MCOC Community. We apologize we couldn’t get the results out to the community sooner, but we’re ready to share some takeaways with you. For more general information on the survey, please read MCOC Concierge’s Twitter Thread.

For this post, I’m going to look at the question that asked Summoners to rank listed game-modes from most favorite to least favorite. We also have prestige data from the survey, so I wanted to compare how players at different prestige levels ranked the various choices in an effort to find trends and identify pain points.

Note that the labels above the prestige rankings are my own, and are used as a general way to group player progression.


This is the most popular game-mode for all prestige levels with the exception of +11K players. I attribute this drop-off to the current lack of a Cavalier difficulty. The Uncollected difficulty is seen as repetitive, not tuned to their rosters, and with meaningless rewards. Otherwise, monthly performs quite well across the board, with its highest rating coming from 8K prestige players, who likely find the Uncollected rewards very helpful for progression. 100% exploration of Uncollected is still a big deal for this group.

Main Story Acts

A consistent #2 pick across the board, except for +11K players who ranked it #1. These are the players who have likely 100% explored Act 6 (that’s where their prestige comes from along with Abyss), so they are the ones benefiting from the rewards. Story Mode dips with 9K players. I see these players as “New Cavaliers” who have pushed to get their title, but are likely stuck at either the Mr. Sinister fight in 6.2.2 or The Champion fight in 6.2.6 and are frustrated. Even if they can get through these fights, they don’t have the roster depth to 100% Act 6 maps.

Alliance Quest

Alliance Quest is the #3 pick for all prestige groups, likely due to quality rewards for the effort involved. The group that rated AQ the lowest is 10K prestige players. These players are likely playing the hardest maps but may be struggling with either the hardest modifiers or late-week Map 7, and by virtue of their prestige are shut out of the highest level of rewards, so they may feel like they have hit a bit of a wall.


Incursions are most popular with 9-11K players who still value 5 Star champions and can likely get to Zone 10 in Sectors 6 and 7, so they feel like they are maximizing the rewards from Incursions. There is a marked drop-off for +11K players. This is not surprising as there has been consistent talk that Incursions rewards are not properly tuned for the needs of players who are focused only on 6 Star champions. Many of these players are also big Cavalier Crystal buyers, so they don’t really need any extra gold.

Alliance War

Again, relatively stable rankings, but it is least popular among the 10K mature Cavalier players, who are likely struggling on the difficult Tier 3-5 maps and have to deal with Defense Tactics, while not seeing top rewards.


Arena is most popular with progressing players, who by definition have the most roster-building to do. Arena ratings slowly drop off as prestige rises. I think that is likely due to the repetitive nature of arena, and that the longer you’ve been playing the game, the more likely you are burnt-out on arena.

Everest Content – Realm/Labyrinth/Abyss

The standout here is the big spike in interest in “Everest Content” with +11K players. This of course makes total sense, as these players have done everything else and have the rosters to actually run Abyss. Endgame players are always looking for the next big challenge. For players below 10K, this content isn’t very relevant, as Abyss is out of reach, and the Labyrinth hype is long over and those rewards aren’t seen as a useful part of progression these days.

So there you have it, my quick takeaways from this data. I know we’re got a lot of smart people in this community that love to analyze data, so if you think I’ve missed any important take-aways or if you have drawn a different conclusion from the data, let me know in the comments.



4 thoughts on “MCOC Survey 2020 – Game-Mode & Prestige Analysis

  1. What about the crystal drop rates for 5* and 6* champs i have opened about 26-5* and 2-6* in last two months(became cavalier in February). On the other hand my alliance mate who spends money has got better champs out of these same amount of crystals and even today i pulled a 5* kingpin(duped now) and falcon(buff is in novemeber) so kind of no use for me explore act 5-100%. I have just got all sort off useless champs who are not useful to keep with the alliance stuffs. Though i got 4 good-5* whom i mostly use in AQ(AQ focused alliance) but am not left with any other good stuffs to do like story quests,monthly EQ i have to wait for the champs to be free and do it after that or on the when there is either no AQ or AW. Need some better drop rates for lot of free to play players who struggle to get a good champ. It’s not just 1-2 bad pulls its a series of bad pulls and unnecessary dupes. Also opened 6 awakening gems (rifts&hotel modok combined). Got 5 mutant gems and 1tech and 1 science which i cannot use because i don’t have any suitable champs to use it on. Please look at the drop rates too


    1. I know the bad pulls are difficult, but unfortunately its just bad luck.

      All the champions have an even distribution in the crystals, and spending money doesn’t change your odds of a “good” pull. Kabam has been quite clear and consistent on these issues and I’ve never seen anything to make me think otherwise.


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