July 2020 Update v27.2 Release Notes


Here’s some info to get you prepped for what’s happening in Marvel Contest of Champions next month. Expect to see the v27.2 update available for download around June 29. Read the Full Release Notes.


As Guardian, James MacDonald Hudson leads Canada’s greatest Super-Hero Team, Alpha Fight. He is a Tech champion powered by a suit that grants him Armor Up, Perfect Block, and Shock damage, and looks to be a very defensive champion. He has a unique synergies with himself, Wolverine, Sabretooth, Squirrel Girl, Deadpool, Sasquatch, and Mole Man.

Dr. Walter Langkowski transforms into the mighty Sasquatch to become Alpha Flight’s resident powerhouse. He is a tanky Mystic Champion with Regeneration, Unstoppable, and Rupture. Sasquatch’s unique synergy partners are Man-Thing, Sabretooth, Hulk, Squirrel Girl, King Groot, Thing, Sentinel, and Hulkbuster.

In July’s Event Quest, Guardian and Sasquatch set out to stop a mysterious crystal smuggling ring in the Battlerealm.

Welcome to Canadian Difficulty! This month the Road to Cavalier Difficulty begins with the Northern Expeditions Side Quest. This event will work very much like the Mole Man Expeditions, as you can only bring 3 champions into the quest. There are 4 total maps for this quest, and a new one will be released each week. Note that you do need to be Level 60 to access Canadian Difficulty. Week 1 opens on July 1 at 1pm EST.

It’s finally here! Read all about the Hulkbuster rework going live with v27.2.

July will have a special 2-week calendar beginning on June 30th, as well as new Objectives. In addition to the usual shards, signature stones, and gold, you can also gain special Canadian themed revives (Poutine) and health potions (Maple Syrup).

The new quality of life features in this update are Battlegroup Assignments, which allows leadership to assign members into Battlegroups for War and Alliance Quest, Top Alliance Champions for AQ, AW Attack, and AW Defense, and a new fight menu screen.

Big fixes for the month include fixes to the animations of Luke Cage and Mr. Fantastic, Crossbones not always receiving critical failures vs Domino, and an issue with the evade call-out not always appearing during specials.

After a couple of slow months, it looks like MCOC is starting to pick up steam again. There is a lot packed into this update. The Leadership Tools debuting in v27.2 have been requested for years, and as the owner of an awakened 6 Star Hulkbuster, I can’t wait to try out his new kit in Incursions. Alpha Flight, while previously mentioned, is a team that has been noticeably absent in-game, especially considering Kabam is based in Canada. As always, the new champions need to be play-tested to see their true worth, but I have to admit Sasquatch looks like my kind of champion and I like his synergy partners. At the end of the day though, the community response to the rewards and difficulty for the Canadian level of the Northern Expeditions will define the month, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens when the first quest opens on July 1.


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