Alliance War Season 19 – Defense Tactics – Attacker Tactics – Rewards Update


Kabam has followed up last week’s Alliance War update, which included new maps and nodes, with additional information about the new Defense and Attacker Tactics for Season 19, as well as the updated Alliance War Season Rewards.

Before we get into the specifics of Tactics, it was also announced that all Hidden Nodes are being removed from the maps, and Alliance War fight timers are being extended to 5 minutes.


New Maps Go Live: June 24

Defense Tactics Update Live: July 1

Alliance War Season 19 Starts: July 8


Removed: Dodge & Crush (due to lack of use)

Updated: Bulwark is being changed so that in addition to #Metal Defenders being immune to Armor Break Debuffs, they will also have the chance to go Indestructible. When a #Metal Defender loses more than 7/5/3% of their Max Health from a single hit, they gain an Indestructible Buff for 6/8/10 seconds. This Indestructible Buff is removed at the conclusion of the attacker’s Special Attack, and has a 10 second cool-down following the expiration of the Indestructible Buff.

New: Stubborn applies to #Defensive champions. Whenever a #Defensive champion’s attack fails to land (evade/dodge/miss), the defender gains Passive Indestructible stack (1/2/3). The attacker can remove the Indestructible by blocking a hit or being struck by the defender.

Protect applies to #L (Large) and #XL champions. When the attacker deals more than 300% of their Base Attack in a single hit, the Defender gains a stack of Protection, reducing all damage taken by 10/20/30%. The Defender can have up to 4 stacks of Protection. 2 Protection stacks can be removed by intercepting the Defender


Attacker Tactics are new for Season 19, and thankfully they will function a bit differently than we initially expected, which will make them more useful for players.

Basically, any attacker that has the same tag as the Defense Tactic selected by your opponent will also receive a bonus. They will receive this bonus whether or not they are entering a fight where the Defense Tactic is active on the defender, a positive change from the initial announcement.

Protect: #L & #XL champions will receive a Passive Unstoppable for 3 seconds whenever the Defender is knocked down.

Stubborn: #Defensive champions will have a %15 chance to Perfect Block for 10 seconds (max 2 stacks) after a Well-Timed Block (Parry).

Bulwark: #Metal champions will see an increase in the potency of their Damage of Time effects by +35% for each Damage over Time effect already on the opponent.

Flow: #Control champions can reduce the potency of the Defender’s Power Gain effects by -35% (max 3 stacks) for 15 seconds via the last hit of their Heavy Attack.

Siphon: #Villain champions gain +2,500 Block Proficiency for 15 seconds following a Special Attack


Rank 1: 40K 6 Star Shards, 50K 5 Star Shards, 2 T5CC (25%), 2 T5B

Rank 2: 37.5K 6 Star Shards, 50K 5 Star Shards, 1 T5CC (25%), 10 T5CC (2%), 2 T5B

Rank 3: 35K 6 Star Shards, 50K 5 Star Shards, 1 T5CC (25%), 6 T5CC (2%). 2 T5B

Master: 30K 6 Star Shards, 40K 5 Star Shards, 2 T5CC (10%), 5 T5CC (2%), 2 T5B

Platinum 1: 20K 6 Star Shards, 30K 5 Star Shards, 10 T5CC (2%), 1.75 T5B, 3 T2A

Platinum 2: 15K 6 Star Shards, 25K 5 Star Shards, 7 T5CC (2%), 1.5 T5B, 3 T2A

Platinum 3: 10K 6 Star Shards, 20K 5 Star Shards, 4 T5CC (2%), 1.25 T5B, 3 T2A

Platinum 4: 5K 6 Star Shards, 15K 5 Star Shards, 1 T5CC (2%), 1 T5B, 3 T2A

Gold 1: 2.5K 6 Star Shards, 10K 5 Star Shards, .75 T5B, 3 T2A, 3 T4CC

Gold 2: 1K 6 Star Shards, 8K 5 Star Shards, .5 T5B, 3 T2A, 3 T4CC

Gold 3: 6K 5 Star Shards, .25 T5B, 2 T2A, 3 T4CC

Silver 1: 3.5K 5 Star Shards, 6K 4 Star Shards, 1 T2A, 3 T4CC, 3 T4B

Silver 2: 3K 5 Star Shards, 5K 4 Star Shards, .5 T2A, 2 T4CC, 3 T4B

Silver 3: 2.5K 5 Star Shards, 4K 4 Star Shards, .25 T2A, 1 T4CC, 25 T4CC (2%), 3 T4B

Bronze 1: 2K 5 Star Shards, 3K 4 Star Shards, 1 T4CC, 15 T4CC (2%), 3 T4B

Bronze 2: 1.5K 5 Star Shards, 2K 4 Star Shards, 30 T4CC (2%), 2 T4B

Bronze 3: 1K 5 Star Shards, 1K 4 Star Shards, 5K 3 Star Shards, 15 T4CC (2%), 1 T4B

Stone 1: 500 4 Star Shards, 4K 3 Star Shards

Stone 2: 3K 3 Star Shards, 2K PHC Shards

Stone 3: 2K 3 Star Shards, 2K PHC Shards

Participation: 1K 3 Star Shards, 2K PHC Shards



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