MCOC 101: What is Prestige?

So Prestigious


One question that comes up a lot from newer Marvel Contest of Champions players is “What is Prestige?”

Simply put, Prestige is the average base hero rating of your 5 most powerful champions. Your mastery setup does not impact your Prestige.

How Can I View My Prestige?

While this was not always the case, Prestige is now accessible on your Summoner Profile page in-game.

Note that the champion rating numbers you see are the Hero Ratings with your current mastery setup. They are not the champion’s Prestige. For example, the 5/65 Signature Level 200 Corvus Glaive at the top of my profile has a prestige of 10,481, while his Hero Rating is shown as 13,719. While Corvus Glaive has the highest Hero Rating on my account, both Sunspot (10,632) and Thing (10,605) have higher Prestige than Corvus Glaive.

If you want to see which champions have the highest Prestige, has a Prestige List and a Prestige Calculator to test out changes to your roster. You can also see the current Prestige of all your champions in-game by dropping all your Masteries, but this is expensive and not recommended.

Why is Prestige Important?

Prestige is important for achieving higher placement in Alliance Quest. The Prestige of the Alliance (the average Prestige of all the members) influences the starting difficulty of the Alliance Quest map. Simply put, the higher the Prestige of an Alliance, the more points that can be earned. At the highest level of Alliance Quest, where Alliances are running the hardest map and modifiers and can 100% all Battle Groups, Prestige becomes the deciding factor in final placement.

While you may not wish to reach the highest levels of Alliance Quest, low Prestige will bar you from higher level Alliance Quest play and impact your ability to earn important rank-up resources.

How Can I Improve My Prestige?

As a beginning player, pretty much any time you reach a new high level for champion rank-ups you’ll raise your Prestige. However, once you reach the point where you are bringing 5 Star champions to Rank 5, champion choice and Signature Stone usage becomes a much bigger factor. A 5 Star at Signature Level 200 has much higher Prestige than the same champion un-awakened, and at some point you’ll only be able to impact your Prestige by putting Signature Stones into (or naturally duping) high Prestige champions. Champion choice is also a huge factor, as the gap between the highest Prestige Champions and the lowest Prestige Champions is over 1,000 points at Signature Level 200.

When it comes to 6 Star Prestige, Champions surpass their maxed 5 Star counterparts when they are at Rank 2 and around Signature Level 160. Give the limited availability of 6 Star Signature Stones in content, most players who have high Signature Level 6 Star Champions have either spent a great deal on Signature Stones deals and/or Cavalier Crystals. 6 Star Champions at Rank 3 begin to have a much larger impact on Prestige, but at this time, only Summoners who have explored Abyss of Legends and Act 6 can really enjoy the benefits.



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