Around The Battlerealm – April 29, 2020


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

Schedule Notes: 100% roster availability all day! The April Event Quest, The Baron’s War Side Quest, and the Halls of Fortune close at 1pm EST. The New Event Quest, “Black Widow: Red By Dawn” and the Red Room Academy Side-Quest begin at 1pm EST.

RichTheMan shares thoughts on his progression, Incursions, and being alliance free.

MCOC DroidDoes reviews Deadpool’s Spring Cleaning Event.

Lagacy has 6* Rank 3 Sentinel Game-Play.

KT1 shares his thoughts on the Black Widow (Deadly Origin) Champion Spotlight.

Dave does the Synergy Samba with Stark Spider-Man.

Craftygrinding has Round 2 Predictions for the Storm Pyramid X and King Groot Arenas.

Renowned Thor-lover Karatemike has taken his Jane Foster to Rank 5.

Are you prepping for the Aegon grind? Maex has some tips.



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