Champion Review – Sorcerer Supreme

Note: As a member of the Marvel Contest of Champions Content Creator program, I was granted early access to a 5* Rank 3 Sig 200 Sorcerer Supreme for the purposes of this review. I do not get to keep this champion and she will be removed from my account shortly after this review goes live.

The first crossover character from Realm of Champions has arrived! The champion of the Temple of Vishanti, the Sorcerer Supreme follows the teachings of the Ancient One, Stephen Strange.

Sorcerer Supreme is a single-fight ramp-up mystic champion that does best in longer fights, and requires thoughtful and methodical game-play to shine.

As usual, the champion looks amazing. Her weapon, a spell-book, probably shouldn’t work, but it is actually incorporated quite well, which impressed me. She moves fluidly around the screen and I had no problems with intercepting.

Like I mentioned above, Sorcerer Supreme has a bit of a ramp-up to her, and you have to be deliberate about it. If you’re a button-masher, she’s not for you. You need to take your time, watch her Blessings, and build her up to suit the fight you’re in. She is definitely a “Thinking-Summoners” champ.

She’s not a noodle, but it does take a little bit of work to get to the good damage, and you have to be cognizant of her phases and the timing of your specials. Like most mystics, she’s more about the utility than the raw damage.

She doesn’t have immunities, but there are some positive elements to her kit. Most people will immediately get excited to see another champion with the slow debuff, which is quite popular at the moment. Beyond that, she can nullify buffs, as we’ve come to pretty much expect from all mystics at this point, and she has power steal as well as passive regeneration. Most of her utility is dependent on throwing specials to store and spend Runes (I’ll get into this in the guide below), and because she’s not bleed or poison immune, running suicides really hampers her.

Fun Factor:
While I enjoyed playing her, she’s not a “wow you with the Big Yellow Numbers” type of champion. If you like cerebral, deliberate play, and you aren’t rushing to get the fight done as quickly as absolutely possible, I think you’ll enjoy her.

Overall, Sorcerer Supreme is a solid champ and she’ll have her devoted followers, but she’s got a very tough battle on her hands to claim a top spot in the now stacked mystic class. She can’t compete with Longshot when it comes to damage, Claire Voyant for being suicide friendly, Ghost-Rider and Mephisto for regeneration and immunities, Symbiote Supreme for clutch auto-nullification, or Doctor Doom for being an all-around beast. So in conclusion, I believe she has value, but her competition for rank-up resources is fierce.

That’s it for the editorial part of the review. Keep reading for an explanation on how to play the champion, tips, and additional pros and cons.

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Key Information:

Like Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme has different phases that she rotates though. This may seem a little tricky to understand at first, but once you get used to the rotation and the color codes for the Blessings (phases) it’s not too bad.

Sorcerer Supreme will by default start the fight in “Cyttorak’s Ferocity.” This is her best damage phase, granting additional attack rating and critical damage rating, and is signified by an orange icon.

Next, she will rotate to “Raggadorr’s Resolve,” which is her defensive Blessing and is signified by a blue icon. In this phase she receives extra armor and +30% perfect block chance.

Her third and final phase is “Ikonn’s Ingenuity,” signified by a purple icon. This is her power phase, granting all hits Power Steal for 3% of the Opponent’s current power. Sorcerer Supreme gains +150% of the power stolen.

Now unless you are the biggest MCOC Lore Nerd on the planet, you’re not going to remember those names, so let’s just use colors to keep it simple. The rotation is Orange >> Blue >> Purple. Orange is for attack, Blue is for Armor, and Purple is for Power.

If you want to immediatly rotate to the next Blessing, throw a Heavy attack.

The current Blessing active on Sorcerer Supreme is very important when it comes to special attacks. This is because whenever a special attack is performed, a “Rune” of the current Blessing will be stored. Stored Runes are later spent during subsequent special attacks, allowing Sorcerer Supreme to build her attack and utility over the course of the fight.

Runes of Cyttorak (Orange/Attack) will armor break the opponent for 12 seconds.

Runes of Raggadorr (Blue/Armor) will passively regenerate health over 12 seconds. Additionally, Sorcerer Supreme will regenerate 75% of damage from blocked hits.

Runes of Ikonn (Purple/Power) places a Slow Debuff on the opponent for 12 seconds, preventing Unstoppable and Evade effects, unless the opponent is of the Science class.

Sorcerer Supreme deals Energy Damage instead of Physical Damage.

Sorcerer Supreme has negative Physical Resistance, but increased Energy Resistance.

Her pre-fight ability allows the Summoner to select which Blessing she will start the fight in.

Sorcerer Supreme Signature Ability

Signature Ability:
Her Signature Ability increases her Ability Accuracy as well as the potency of her Blessings. Both percentages scale with Signature Level. While she is the number 2 Mystic champion for prestige, she is still over 200 points behind Doctor Doom.

Team Building/Key Synergies:
Sorcerer Supreme has a unique synergy “Champions of the Battleworld” with Storm (Pyramid X) which allows her to rapidly gain 1 bar of power at the start of the fight. While this isn’t something I could test, the Developer’s Note says this is helpful if you need to trigger the Aura of Nullification at the start of the fight.

The “Doctors Strange” synergy with Doctor Strange and Symbiote Supreme grants Passive Prowess whenever a Blessing activates, increasing special attack damage by 15%. There is a cap of 3 Prowess and they expire after a special is launched.

“Mystic Arts” with Dormammu, Doctor Voodoo, and Mordo pauses the Nullification Aura during a special attack.

“Bluetiful People” with Archangel, Nebula, and The Champion grants all champions additional block penetration.

“Gamma Horde” with Hulk, Hulk Ragnarok, Red Hulk, She-Hulk, and Joe Fixit increases the length of stuns for synergy members by 25%.

“House of Iron” with Iron Man, Iron Man Infinity War, War Machine, and Hulkbuster increases the potency of Armor Break Debuffs of synergy members by 30%.

Mastery Setup:
I don’t run suicides, but everything I heard from the people in the CCP that do is that she is not at all suicide friendly. She has slower than normal power gain, and relies on throwing a lot of specials to get ramped-up, so having points in Mystic Dispersion is highly recommended.

Alliance War Defense:
Sorcerer Supreme doesn’t look to be more than a diversity-level defender at this point. Her special attacks are fairly easy to dodge, and she doesn’t benefit from any of the common defensive tactics.

Special Attacks:
The SP1 is a good attack if you need to keep the opponent from gaining buffs. The first hit has a 100% chance to nullify 1 Buff on the opponent, and for the next 10 seconds Sorcerer Supreme gains an “Aura of Nullification.” This allows Sorcerer Supreme to Nullify 1 Buff on the opponent for every .75 they are in close proximity. The SP1 attack stores 2 Runes of the current Blessing.

The SP2 will store 3 Runes of the current Blessing, and after consuming Runes, will pause the effects until 5 seconds after the attack ends.

The SP3 increases Sorcerer Supreme’s attack rating based on stored Runes. The first time it is used in the fight, it will store a permanent Rune (meaning it is never consumed) of the current Blessing. Additional SP3s will store 2 non-permanent Runes.

Combination of Energy Damage and Nullification makes her a good Korg counter.

Pre-Fight ability lets you have more control over her rotation by deciding which Blessing to start the fight in.

Performs best longer fights.

Combination of nullification and slow debuffs makes for an excellent counter to unstoppable. Potentially excellent for Aspect of War nodes.

Armor Break can shut down defenders like Emma Frost and Killmonger.

Enjoyable for Summoners that like a “game-within-a-game” champion.


Doesn’t get that instant nullification that Symbiote Supreme gets at the start of the fight, and doesn’t stack staggers. Instead, relies on triggering her Aura of Nullification and then attacking into the opponent. Basically, if you need Nullify at the top of the fight, she’s not a good choice, unless you can bring Storm Pyramid X.

Has a higher skill cap than your average MCOC champion.

No immunities.

Regeneration isn’t very useful for sustainability.

Incredibility dependent on the Blessing rotation lining up with her power bar, and needs to throw specials at the right time to access her utility. There is a lot to remember with this champion, and your timing has to be on point. Will fail the “Juice vs Squeeze” test for many because of this.

Doesn’t appear to be a top AQ or AW option.

Ideally, you want to throw an SP3 in the fight, which takes time to build up to and is not practical in some cases.

Needs points in Mystic Dispersion.

Pro Tips:
Sorcerer Supreme takes some getting used to. You’re going to have to practice the rotation of your Blessing and how that lines up with your play style and power gain. There are times when you have to save a special for when the correct Blessing is active. Remember you can heavy attack to instantly rotate to the next Blessing.

Sorcerer Supreme is another one of those champions that you need a pre-fight plan for. Remember to review the optimal Blessing and Special Attack for your current match-up until you know them cold.

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