Around The Battlerealm – March 31, 2020


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

Schedule Notes: No schedule notes.

April Motion Comic featuring the MROC Sorcerer Supreme

Kabam announced the rewards for the April Side-Quest, and they look pretty good!

Brian Grant and Lagacy premiered Incursions last night. Check out the livestreams!

RichTheMan previews the Factions event and reviews the Incursions Premiere.

Craftygrinding has Round 2 predictions for the Ms. Marvel & Terrax Arenas.

KT1 also gave his thoughts on the Baron’s War.

Ghostdog & MOooose debuted the Marvel Champions Lounge Podcast.

MetalSonicDude continues the Grandmaster One-Shot Series with X-23.

DTMelodicMetal takes out a Debuff Immune Iron Man Infinity War with Crossbones.



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