April 2020 Update v26.1 Notes


The April update is fast approaching, and it has some exciting implications for both Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Realm of Champions. Here’s some info to get your prepped for what’s happening in-game next month. Read the Full Release Notes.

New Champions
The two new champions next month will be the Realm of Champions versions of the Sorcerer Supreme (mystic) and Storm (mutant). This version of the Sorcerer Supreme is not Stephen Strange, as in Realm of Champions he has been elevated to the role of Ancient One and is the Baron of the Temple of Vishanti. Based on the tease of her abilities, expect her to have the usual mystic strengths including nullification.

Storm is the playable champion for Pyramid X, which is the Realm of Champions house ruled by Apocalypse. This version of Storm is one of the Four Horsemen, and is said to have “weather bending powers” and “delivers shock and awe” attacks. In the lore of MROC, the customization for Pyramid X comes from Apocalypse tinkering with the genes of mutants, so hopefully this is a super-powerful version of Storm with all of her weather-wielding abilities on full display.

Event Quest
In next month’s story, Carina attempts to restore the classic MCOC version of Doctor Strange, but in doing so, brings the MROC Sorcerer Supreme and Storm from Battleworld into the Battlerealm. It doesn’t sound like this will be the classic hero/villain setup, instead I expect the inhabitants of the Battlerealm will be split on who to side with, as evidenced by the structure of the side-quest. The New Event Quest begins on Wednesday, April 1 at 1pm EST.

Side Quest
The month-long side-quest will have 4 quests, and one will unlock each week, just like the Mole Man Expeditions. You will have to choose a side (Faction), either that of Storm or the Sorcerer Supreme. Depending on who you choose, the quests will differ, as will the rewards. Side with Storm for Crystal Shards, or Sorcerer Supreme for Rank-Up Materials.

On Wednesday, April 15, when the 3rd week of the Side-Quest opens, there will be a “Double Cross.” The first two quests will permanently lock, and you will either switch sides to get the resources of the other Faction, or continue on your chosen path for even greater rewards than you’ve already earned. Basically, it sounds like you want to stick with a side for all 4-weeks to maximize either shard or catalyst gain, but we’ll need to see the reward setup before we know for sure.

Long-time players will remember the Civil War event where the Summoner had to side with either Captain America or Iron Man. I believe this month will have a similar structure.

New chapters of the Side-Quest will be released on Wednesdays at 1pm EST.

New Objectives
There will be Faction Solo Objectives. These are tied to the Faction you join, and if you do decide to “Double Cross” your Faction on April 15, they will change.

Unfortunately, the big promo for Incursions (flying some Content Creators to Kabam HQ for a preview) had to be cancelled due the Coronavirus, but it looks like Incursions are still going to be released on schedule. If you haven’t heard, Incursions are replacing Dungeons as the new co-op mode. There is still much about Incursions yet to be revealed, but we do know that Ultron will play a major role. From the Release Notes, it looks like Incursions will be more interactive than Dungeons, and allow us to give our champs buffs and abilities to help them fight through Ultron’s Domain. I think we’re all anxious to see some actual game-play from Incursions as well as how the rewards are changing, as it has been teased they will help solve the gold problem.

Final Thoughts
I am very excited about what is coming in April. It’s a definitive step toward the eventual release of Realm of Champions, and having a Horseman version of Storm in MCOC is very appealing to me. I also really like the set-up for the side-quest, as I find the once-a-week content release schedule to be much less grindy than the daily events like Doom Invasions. I also enjoy the element of choice for the rewards, because that is a very player friendly structure that I’d like to see utilized more.



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