Frontline Interviews: Katy Candy – Boss Rush (Emma Frost)


Big thanks to Katy Candy for taking a few minutes to answer questions about her contribution to the International Women’s Day Boss Rush: Emma Frost.

How did you feel when you learned that Kabam was planning an International Women’s Day Boss Rush and wanted you to participate?

When I got asked to participate, I was shocked because I wasn’t in the CCP at that point in time. So needless to say, I was taken by surprise, but I was super excited.

Everyone who follows your channel or saw you at Comic Con knows you are a huge Emma fan. Did you consider any other picks or was it always going to be Emma?

No, it was ALWAYS going to be Emma. I believe I said, “I call Emma!” when we were discussing potential champs. So when the picture was released, I was trying to throw people off the scent by saying “isn’t it a little obvious for me to pick Emma?” Clearly that didn’t work lol.

Emma is a tough defender on her own, and then you gave her Unblockable Sp1 and Regeneration. What was your thought process for picking the nodes for the fight?

The reason I gave Emma the nodes that I did was I wanted to take her back to how she was when she was first introduced to the Contest. I remembered how difficult she was, and I wanted to bring her back to that. Now that being said, we didn’t have the counters to her (and those nodes) that we do now. So I picked the nodes and then I picked what champs I thought would work best against her (armor breakers, reverse healers, heal blockers, etc). And I thought ok, there are a lot of counters, this will be difficult, but not too difficult for people to complete.

Did you give any thought to “Corvus Proofing” the fight by making her Armor Break immune, or would have have increased the difficulty too much?

Do you want more people to hate me? lol. I thought about that, but then I thought that would just limit the number of counters to her, and I didn’t want to make her fight a CHAMPION specific fight. I wanted there to be more than just one or two counters for her. I feel like adding an Immunity: Armor Break to her would make her too much of a road block for people, and I didn’t want to do that.

How does it feel to be thanked in-game, and have your own title?

It is both amazing and crazy to me at the same time. To be asked participate in this was amazing and I can’t thank Kabam enough for it. It’s all very surreal still; maybe because it’s my first time? But I had a blast doing this and working with all the other lovely ladies!

Who did you use to beat your boss, and what other champions would you recommend?

So, first I went in with Warlock, and I feel like he is the best option for it since he has the passive heal block and can armor break. Then I went in with my r2 Void, and I’m not going to lie, that was a sloppy fight, but getting the heal reversal is key, especially when she’s in her defensive state. So I decided to go back in with a 3/45 Void, and fought better, surprisingly. Corvus is another solid option, since you can get two charges for him (X23 and Wasp). And if all else fails, CapIW cheese with 3 points in despair, a cosmic, tech, and science champ on the team.



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