International Women’s Day Boss Rush Guide


Here’s my guide for the International Women’s Day Boss Rush.

General Thoughts:
First off, congrats to the Women of the Battlerealm for designing a fun Boss Rush that feels like the most accessible challenge of its type so far, because it does not require hard counters.

One issue I see a lot with Boss Rush challenges is that people say they don’t have the necessary champion to get by a certain boss. It’s very rare that only one champion in the game is the only answer for a fight. Certainly there is usually a best option, but don’t let perfect be the enemy of good, or in this case, not having the best option get in the way of completing the content. Also, remember this challenge is around for two weeks, so take your time and practice before going for a full run if these fights are at the top-end of your current roster and skill level.

Getting thru a Boss Rush requires two skills. One is understanding the opponents well enough to be able to hang with them in a high health-pool fight. The second is reading and understanding how the specific nodes will influence the fight, and what you can do to counter them. I’ll break down the individual fights below, who I brought for the challenge, why I brought those champions, and other champion alternatives to consider.

More great art from Cat Murdock, who also designed the Medusa fight!

Champ Restrictions: None

Global Node: +100% Attack and Health Champion Boost, +100% Health

My Team: Sentinel, Corvus Glaive, Sunspot, Hyperion, Blade

Boss 1 – X-23
Creator: lola2pawz (Laura Grant)
Nodes: Matador, Spite, Godslayer, Indomitable
Champion Used: Corvus Glaive
Tips: This is the easiest of the 6 fights, but not necessarily the quickest. One key thing to remember is this is the only fight that the Special 3 Attack is not active, so you don’t have to worry about it. I used Corvus so I would have charge later on, but you can use any heavy hitter. Use Spite to your advantage by constantly feeding X-23 power so she’ll throw specials that you can counter instead of taking block damage.

Watch Brian Grant’s Video on Laura’s Fight.

Boss 2 – Medusa
Creator: Cat Murdock
Nodes: SP3 Active, Counterstrike, Pilfer, Invade, Cornered
Champion Used: Corvus Glaive
Tips: The Invade node is your friend here, so stay aggressive and end the fight quickly by hitting into Medusa’s block. Corvus is excellent for this fight because of the crit damage he does, especially if you gained a charge in the X-23 fight. Again, there isn’t a specific counter required here, it’s more about the play-style and keeping Medusa on the defensive.

Boss 3 – Wasp
Creator: Ms. Insomnia
Nodes: SP3 Active, Spiked Armor, Dismay, Enhanced Shock, Plagued Mind
Champion Used: Blade/Hyperion
Tips: I’ll admit it, I got a little sloppy here and Wasp ended my Blade’s day early on the first run. This is basically like any other high health-pool Wasp fight, but the Dismay and Enhanced Shock will punish you even more than usual if you mess up. Make sure you only attack into Wasp when she is stunned or her evade timer is on cool down. The Spiked Armor does add another element of difficulty, as you’ll take damage back on critical hits (this is meant to counter Corvus and Ghost).

I would recommend someone that can take a lot of blocked hits and/or heal, counters Wasp’s evade, or can get around the Spiked Armor node. There are a number of champions that could do this fight, but to name a few I would recommend Namor, Crossbones, Emma Frost, Nick Fury, Omega Red, Captain Marvel Movie, and Quake.

Boss 4 – Emma Frost
Creator: Katy Candy
Nodes: SP3 Active, Kinetic Transference, Oscillate, Enhanced SP1, Aggressive Regeneration
Champion Used: Corvus Glaive
Tips: So you have to be able to handle the Reserve Controls on Emma’s SP1 or this fight will be rough for you. If you have Corvus Glaive, I recommend using him here because the armor break utility is clutch and it shortens the fight. If you don’t have Corvus, look for other champions that can stack Armor Breaks like Sentinel, Captain Marvel Movie, Hyperion, Medusa, or Thor.

Boss 5 – Rogue
Creator: Dragonfei (UMCOC Podcast)
Nodes: SP3 Active, Aggressive Regeneration, Invade, Brawl, Aspect of Death
Champion Used: Corvus Glaive
Tips: This is the highest pace fight of the Boss Rush, because you’re dealing with two competing timers: Aggressive Regeneration and the unstoppable from Brawl. This means you need to play hyper-aggressive, but then back off at the right time. You do want to take advantage of the Invade node by hitting into block for the high chip damage, but the Aggressive Regeneration node is in the fight for a reason, and that’s to keep you from solely relying on this strategy. Get your hits in punishing Rogue’s special attacks to keep the Regeneration count low, and make sure you are watching the Brawl timer.

Boss 6 – Claire Voyant
Creator: Starfighter0717 (Podcast of Champions)
Nodes: SP3 Active, Mighty Charge, Safeguard, Empowered Immunity, Matador, Curse of Death
Champion Used: Sentinel/Sunspot
Tips: I think they saved the best for last. Claire Voyant is an interesting fight normally, and Starr put together a clever challenge that makes the Summoner think. My goal for this fight was initially to use Sentinel, get to 100 Analysis Charges and then fire off a SP2 to end the fight. Unfortunately, I missed my timing on a SP1 evade, but otherwise the strategy was sound. I wound up closing out the fight by stacking a bunch of Incinerate Debuffs with Sunspot to overcome the Safeguard Node.

Make sure you have a counter and a plan for this fight, as I do think this is one of the harder fights. Bleed-immunity certainly helps. Thing and Luke Cage give you class advantage and bleed-immunity. You could also use Human Torch with his pre-fight ability active or Quake. That being said, Class Advantage isn’t required.

Read Starfighter’s Thoughts on her Boss Rush Fight.

Recommended Videos:
Katy Candy – Boss Rush Walkthru


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