Champion Review – Mojo

Note: As a member of the Marvel Contest of Champions Content Creator program, I was granted early access to a 5* Rank 3 Sig 200 Mojo for the purposes of this review. I do not get to keep this champion and he will be removed from my account shortly after this review goes live.

He has tormented X-Men across the Multi-verse, and now the greatest TV Producer in the history of the Mojoverse has joined The Contest!

Mojo is the evil slug baby of Proxima Midnight, Dormammu, and Morningstar. He has elements of both a single-fight and, when awakened, a multi-fight ramp-up champion, and relies on damage-over-time from Degeneration to win fights.

Mojo looks horrifying, as he should. The way the MCOC team has updated Mojo for the modern day, positioning him as an influencer/streamer, is a fantastic and loving troll of our own content creator community. The SP3 in particular has a lot of character to it, and do yourself a favor, let a defender launch an SP3 against you at least once to see what happens.

As an XL champion, Mojo is surprisingly smooth to move around the screen. As usual, the animations and specials are on point.

Whether you enjoy Mojo or not is largely going to depend on if you like how his ramp-up works. Mojo has to complete Prompts (Missions) during the fight to gain Followers and unlock more damage. When awakened, Mojo gains Subscribers (Persistent Charges) allowing him to start the night fight at a higher Follower count.

The Morningstar comparison is a good one for Mojo. Like Morningstar, Mojo doesn’t do too much until you ramp him up. The process is easier than it is for Morningstar, but the high end rewards aren’t there at the end of the day.

Mojo doesn’t have too much utility. No immunities, power control, anti-evade or true strike. He does have a rather unique method of buff control, however, as he forces buffs on the opponent to expire 90% faster when his Anti-Life Field is active.

Fun Factor:
This one is really subjective. I didn’t find his Prompts that onerous to complete but I could see it being impractical in end game content. After 3+ fights, though, he is significantly more enjoyable to play.

Mojo is a solid addition to The Contest, but will certainly be overshadowed by Longshot this month. It’s not that Mojo isn’t good. He is a good champion. The main issue is there isn’t much content in the game right now where he looks like an A option. This could change in the future however, since very few champions can deal degeneration damage, and his ability to shorten buffs by 90% might turn out to be sneakily useful (as KarateMike has already shown with his 6.2 Champion take-down). I do think he will end up being a good Alliance War Defender, and would not be surprised at all if he is an AQ Mini Boss eventually. As far as a playable champion though, he falls in the Fun but Impractical category for me at this time.

That’s it for the editorial part of the review. Keep reading for an explanation on how to play the champion, tips, and additional pros and cons.

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Key Information:
There are a few key terms with Mojo that need to be explained to get a proper handle on the champion. Once you understand these terms, you’ll have a much easier time playing Mojo.

Prompts are Mojo’s Missions. These are relatively common actions to complete during a fight. You have 8 seconds to complete a Prompt and they can be completed by Mojo or his opponent. Completing a Prompt increases Mojo’s Follower Count, while missing a Prompt will reduce Mojo’s Follower Count.

Additionally, completing a Prompt activates Mojo’s Anti-Life Field for 7 seconds. Mojo receives a new Prompt when the Anti-Life Field or current Prompt expires. Prompts are paused during special attacks and are unaffected by Ability Accuracy. A Heavy attack will replace the current Prompt with a new one.

Here is an infograph from Cat Murdock detailing the different Prompts.

Thanks to Cat Murdock for putting this together for the community. See more of Cat’s awesome art here.

Followers are the single-fight ramp-up element to Mojo’s kit. The higher the number of Followers Mojo has, the more damage he can do, and the more abilities he has access to, as detailed in the Audience Adoration section of his in-game description.

At 1 (million) Followers, Mojo will regenerate 3% of his missing health any time one of the opponent’s Buffs is nullified or expires. This does not stack.

At 3 (million) Followers, Mojo gains up to 50% of a bar of power when completing a Prompt, depending on his current Follower count.

At 5 (million) Followers, Mojo places a Hater Buff on the opponent for 20 seconds when completing a Prompt. Basic Attacks also have a 15% chance to place a Hater Buff. Hater Buffs have no effect, but do give Mojo the chance to have more buffs to nullify or allow to expire on the opponent.

Subscribers come into play when Mojo is awakened, and are the Persistent Charge element to his kit. Subscribers build over multiple fights. For each fight you win and have more Followers than Subscribers, you gain a Subscriber, up to a maximum of 5. If you lose the fight, you lose a Subscriber.

Your Subscriber count determines the number of Followers with which you will begin the next fight, which shortens or removes the need to build up Followers within a fight. Mojo’s Follower Count can’t drop below his Subscriber Count.

The Anti-Life Field helps Mojo control and punish the opponent’s buffs. Any buff triggered on the opponent has a 90% reduced duration, and any buff that is nullified or expires places a passive Degeneration on the opponent lasting 6 seconds. The Anti-Life Field pauses during special attacks.

Finally, Mojo gains 30% less power from landing hits, and his Physical Resistance is also decreased.

Signature Ability:
Mojo has a multi-part Signature Ability that turns him into a multi-fight ramp up champion. Just awakening Mojo will give him a Persistent Charge (Subscribers) that essentially allows Mojo to carry over Followers from fight-to-fight, allowing him access to his abilities sooner in fights. The second part of the Signature Ability grants him a scaling Fury Buff when he has 5 Million Followers for the duration of his Anti-Life Field.

Having only played Mojo as Sig 200, it’s a bit hard to tell how big a deal the Fury buff is, but I think having him awakened will be very important. Imagine playing Morningstar, but not being able to carry over souls from fight-to-fight. That wouldn’t be very much fun at all. That being said, although Mojo needs the awakening, he’s not at the top end of the Mystic Class in terms of prestige or usability, so it’s a bit hard to argue for using a gem on him.

Team Building/Key Synergies:
First off, I thought Mojo performed well without any of his synergy partners, which is always highly preferred. I couldn’t test his Mojoverse synergy with Longshot, but the 50% chance to not lose Followers for missing a Prompt doesn’t seem like a big deal. “Smile for the Cameras” is nice because Mojo steals power, but most people won’t want to bring Psylocke along for that. The M.O.D.O.K. “Without a Leg to Stand On” synergy I do like, since I was throwing a fair amount of heavy attacks with Mojo, so the extra incinerate damage is a solid addition. The “Crowd Pleasers” with Hulk Ragnarok and Korg again is one of those nice additions because of the Unstoppable Buff, but it’s hard to make the case that it’s useful.

Mojo has two self synergies, one that grants Mojo +5% power gain, and another that grants all his teammates +7% offensive power rate.

If I was building a team around Mojo, I would likely bring M.O.D.O.K. and then a synergy team to increase either damage or power gain, depending on what level of Mystic Dispersion I was running at the time.

Mastery Setup:
Mojo benefits from having at least some points in Mystic Dispersion. Without any immunties and having only a minimal regeneration, he’s not very suicide friendly.

Alliance War Defense:
With the tags #Control, #Metal, and #Villain, Mojo is poised to take advantage of several of the strongest Defensive Tactics. Combine that with Degeneration Damage and projectile specials, and Mojo looks to be a solid or better Alliance War defender.

Special Attacks:
The SP1 has 100% chance to nullify one of the opponent’s buffs, so this is slightly more of a utility attack than a pure damage one for Mojo.

The SP2 allows Mojo to activate his Anti-Life field if it is not active. If it is active, Mojo triggers Degeneration, up to 5 stacks, for every million Followers.

The SP3 completes the current Prompt and triggers the Anti-Life Field Degeneration for every million Followers (Max 5).

Can do significant damage over time via Degeneration Debuffs, which very few defenders can counter.

If future content or a node requires Degeneration damage (think Do You Bleed? but for Degeneration) Mojo will be a prime option.

Best against Cosmic Champions and champions like Old Man Logan that have many active buffs.

Ability to shorten buffs by 90% allows Mojo to quickly gain power from Mystic Dispersion, allowing him to throw more specials and keep Degeneration on the opponent.

Many of the Prompts are simple to achieve and seem be completed almost automatically, as they can be performed by Mojo or his opponent.

As an XL champion, Mojo provides another option for Variant 2.

Loses value in situations where the defender has permanent instead of temporary buffs.

Requires a few fights to build Subscribers and benefit from high Follower count, making him less useful in “one-off” situations, and does not have the optimal sustainability desirable in a multi-fight ramp-up champion.

No immunities, power control, auto-block, or anti-evade mechanics in his kit.

Very low base Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Block Proficiency, Armor, and Critical Resistance stats.

Regeneration is not substantial as it is based off his missing health, not his total health, and this ability only triggers when a buff expires on the opponent, so it doesn’t come into play in many match-ups.

Abilities may seem confusing to newer players who don’t understand the difference between Subscribers and Followers, and even veterans may struggle with balancing the timing of the Prompts, especially in end game content.

Difficult to find fights where Mojo is a top-tier option, even compared to other Mystics.

Multi-Fight Ramp-Up champions such as Morningstar and Aegon are meant to be played as the main damage dealer throughout the quest. While Mojo is arguably easier to ramp-up, he doesn’t have the payoff that similar Persistent Charge champions do.

Pro Tips:
Use the SP1 in situations where you need to nullify a buff. The SP2 is preferable for damage. If you are running suicides, you can rely on the SP3 to also trigger degeneration while avoiding recoil.

Remember there is a delay at the start of the fight before the first Prompt comes up, and that Prompts can be completed by either Mojo or the Defender.


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