Happy New Year & Thank You!


It’s been quite a year. I’ve known for a while I wanted to do some sort of content creation for MCOC, but it took me forever to find the right format. I knew I didn’t want to focus on Youtube, and for a while that seemed like the only option.

Then one day it hit me. As an officer, I spend so much time answering questions, sometimes the same ones multiple times a day. The other members of my alliance knew I had built an MCOC calendar so I would get schedule questions all the time, or they would ask if I had seen a video on how to beat whatever the latest tough fight was.

That’s where the idea for Frontline came from. It was time to stop answering questions one-on-one in LINE chats. So I decided to put the calendar online for everyone to see and to start blogging.

When I started in August I said I would write everyday for 30 days. No focus on crazy graphics or building out a robust site before launch. Just write and be helpful, every day.

I didn’t know if anyone would even read when I started. But before I knew it, Concierge was blasting out my weekly schedule write-ups, and other content creators were re-tweeting my posts and giving me shout outs in videos. Players started asking me questions on Twitter, which led to more ideas for content.

So whether you’re a fellow content creator on who has helped get the word out, someone I’ve interacted with on Twitter, or one of the many who have checked out what I’ve written here, THANK YOU!

You’ve made this a tremendous amount of fun for me. In fact, you’ve made my year.

I’m looking forward to a busy 2020 continuing to cover MCOC, and Realm of Champions as that game leads up to launch. But what I’m most excited about is, on January 12, RichTheMan and I will premiere our new MCOC news show. I can’t wait to share that with you all each week.

Have a very Happy New Year, and I’ll see you Around The Battlerealm (and Battleworld) in 2020.



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