Champion Guide – Sunspot

An original member of the New Mutants, Brazilian-born Roberto “Bobby” Da Costa absorbs solar radiation, granting him super-strength (but not invulnerability, as he was contractually obligated to remind his best friend Cannonball at the beginning of every issue of New Mutants Volume 1) and eventually, he learned to channel this energy into fiery outbursts.

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Key Information:
Sunspot’s power set in MCOC is a enjoyable adaptation of his comic book powers. Like in the comics, Sunspot can run out of stored solar energy (in MCOC Solar Charges) and becomes significantly less powerful. In MCOC, maximizing Sunspot’s big damage potential is all about utilizing his Solar Charges correctly.

An unawakened Sunspot begins the fight with 80 Solar Charges (a max Sig 5* starts at 120). These Solar Charges will be begin to decrease at the rate of 1 every 3 seconds, and are transferred to the defender when landing a hit, placing an Incinerate Debuff.

Sunspot can regain Solar Charges by being inflicted with an Incinerate Debuff (+5 Solar Charges), or by purifying Incinerate Debuffs on his opponent. He can do this by charging his heavy attack and absorbing Incineration Debuffs off his opponent, or by performing a perfect block. If an incinerate fails to apply on the opponent, or the opponent purifies the incineration debuff, Sunspot gains 10% of a bar of power and 1 Solar Charge.

Incinerate Debuffs have the additional benefits of removing the ability of the opponent to perform a perfect block, and reducing their block proficiency by 50%.

When Sunspot has Solar Charges, he is in his Flare State. Flare State can stack up to 10 times, and for each stack of Flare State, Sunspot expends 1 Solar Charge per hit landed on the opponent, dealing energy damage.

Signature Ability:
Sunspot’s Signature ability grants him extra Solar Charges, up to a maximum of 40 at Level 200. This ability is not required to play him, but it does extend his time in Flare State which is very helpful in longer fights. Sunspot is currently the #3 Prestige 5* Mutant Champion, and is the #1 Prestige 6* Mutant. His synergies also scale with his Signature Level. He is worth a Mutant Awakening Gem and Mutant Signature Stones if you are taking the champion to 5/65.

Team Building/Key Synergies:
No backpacks required here! One of Sunspot’s greatest strengths is that he requires no synergies to deliver big damage. Warlock and Cable will increase the special attack ability accuracy of Mutants, and Mephisto and Hela grant additional critical rating, but these are nice extras.

Mastery Setup:
Sunspot is not bleed- or poison-immune, so he’s not the greatest champion to run with suicides, but since his SP2 delivers such big damage, you can usually avoid recoil damage.

Alliance War Defense:
Sunspot is a diversity defender for Alliance War Defense.

Special Attacks:
The SP1 places Incinerate Debuffs that last an additional 9 seconds, and add a stack of Flare State. The SP1 is usually best used early in a fight to help build up Sunspot. As adding Flare States will cause you to go through your Solar Charges faster, you do want to be careful with how often you use the SP1.

The SP2 is where the Big Yellow Numbers come into play. For each stack of Flare State, Sunspot will add a Prowess effect increasing the damage of the SP2 by 200%. The final hit uses 15 Solar Charges, so you’ll leave the opponent with a huge number of Incineration Debuffs if they manage to survive.

The SP3 is used to restore Sunspot to his maximum number of Solar Charges, so if you run out, you need to build up to the SP3 to get your big damage back. For every 20 charges returned, Sunspot also inflicts the opponent with an Incinerate Debuff that lasts 12 seconds.

If you like short fights and big burst-damage, Sunspot delivers.

High Perfect Block chance (including against Special Attacks) allows Sunspot to mitigate chip-damage from blocked hits.

Not many champions in the game are immune to Incinerate Debuffs.

Excellent prestige.

Highly useful on questing teams, AQ, AW and end-game content.

Can handle Map 7 paths such as Freezerburn, Diss Track, and Pleasure to Burn.

Does not need to be awakened to deliver big damage, and does not require a synergy team either.


There are better options for the longest fights in the game, such as Labyrinth of Legends.

While the Perfect Block chance is a wonderful bonus, Sunspot has no way to heal, so you can’t get hit.

Shock damage will shut down his Flare State.

Relies on his heavy attack to recover Solar Charges, so Stun- and Debuff-Immune matchups are problematic.

Matchups against champions that can use energy damage against you, like Bishop, Captain Marvel Movie, and Human Torch are problematic. Mephisto is another one to be careful with, because you’ll be constantly feeding him free power gain.

Pro Tips:
Your rotation is going to vary depending on the power level of your Sunspot, signature level, and the health pool of the opponent. If you’re in a shorter fight, you can just rush straight to the SP2 for the kill-shot.

For medium length fights, you want to weave in heavy attacks. So for example you can 5-combo, parry, heavy, 5-combo SP1. Then alternate a 5-combo and parry/heavy until you’re at the SP2, and that should finish them off.

It’s appealing to throw multiple SP1 attacks, but remember you’re going to start to burn through Solar Charges very quickly, and if the SP2 doesn’t end the fight, you are likely going to be out of, or very low on Solar Charges.

If the opponent survives your SP2, immediately parry and charge your heavy to regain as many Solar Charges as possible.

While Sunspot can do major energy damage to a Korg, you’re going to be constantly adding to Korg’s Rock Shield as he shrugs the Incinerate Debuffs. If you going to go this route, make sure you’re adept at the light-intercept method, as his Rock Shield will be up the entire fight.

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