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Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Really, Joe Fixit? Let me take you back in time to the week after the infamous version 12.0 update. I had just finally, after over a year of playing the game, completed my third science T4cc and was ready to rank 5 my first 4* champion. A momentous occasion in any Summoner’s career.

But remember this is early 2017. Thing, Void, Wasp, Captain America IW, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, and Gladiator Hulk weren’t in the game yet. Red Hulk, Spider-Gwen, and Luke Cage hadn’t been buffed, and I hadn’t pulled Quake.

My choices are Captain America World War II (remember perfect block has just been nerfed) and Joe Fixit. After some testing, I pulled the trigger on my man Joe, and despite questions from every single person that joined my alliance, I rode Joe Fixit to victory on the Map 5 poison path for over a year.

I’m not here to convince you of Mr. Fixit’s Beyond God-Tier© status, but the man has his uses in early/mid-game content.

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Key Information:
Joe Fixit is a Las Vegas gangster version of the Hulk, and has a few tricks up his sleeve. At the start of the fight, and after landing a heavy attack, Joe is able to trigger one of four random poker suits, each with a different benefit.

These suits are Hearts (regeneration), Spades, (chance to weaken/fatigue opponent), Clubs (increased critical rating based on combo meter), and Diamonds (increased attack based on lost health). Of these four suits, Clubs is the best for damage, while hearts is also beneficial for the regeneration. If one of these two suits does not come up, it is usually best to parry and then heavy attack to try to get a new suit.

Like all Hulk champions, Joe Fixit is poison-immune.

Joe Fixit is a villain and member of the Black-ISO Mafia.

Signature Ability:
Joe’s signature ability grants a chance at second suit. This is nice to have, but not required to play the champion. You should not use an awakening gem or signature stones on Joe Fixit. This ability does not scale well beyond the initial dupe.

Team Building/Key Synergies:
Joe Fixit has a unique synergy with Kingpin that grants him 15% attack when the opponent has a debuff. You can also pair Joe with Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), The Hood, Yellowjacket, or Moon Knight for increased critical rating, and OG Hulk for increased attack. None of these are required though.

Mastery Setup:
Joe Fixit should be run with maxed Deep Wounds to maximize the damage of the SP1 and get more benefit out of the Kingpin synergy. As you’ll want to spam this attack in most situations, do not run this champion with suicides on.

Alliance War Defense:
Joe Fixit is a diversity defender for lower-tier alliance war.

Special Attacks:
The SP1 is Joe’s single best source of damage. That is because each bullet hit of the SP1 has a 60% chance to cause a bleed for 4 seconds, and I have seen bleed stacks as high as 7. This is why you want to run deep wounds with this champion. If the opponent bleeds, this is the go-to special attack.

The SP2 has a 100% chance to stun for 3.4 seconds. While it’s a decent stun, there aren’t many situations where you can stun lock with a SP2.

The SP3 is a torrent of Tommy-Gun fire that has 100% chance to cause bleed, but if the opponent bleeds you’re never going to want to save up the SP3 anyways.

Can do relatively good damage when spamming the SP1, especially on a power reserve node.

Has an above-average health pool and critical resistance for a 4*.

Stun on the SP2 provides a secondary bit of utility in bleed-immune match-ups.

Not available as a 5* or 6* champion, and has an outdated kit, so he’s not going to be useful beyond Act 5.

Regeneration is not substantial or reliable.

Roulette wheel aspect of the suits can be frustrating, and difficult to access in stun-immune fights.

Not any match-ups in the game where Joe Fixit is undeniably the best option.

Pro Tips:
Best used against mystics that are not bleed-immune.

Recommended Videos:
RichTheMan – Let’s Make Joe Fixit a Good Champ
Mvincable – Joe Fixit vs Hulk Duel



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