Around The Battlerealm – November 21, 2019


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Thursday, November 21, 2019.

Schedule Notes: 100% Champion availability until AW attack resumes around 2pm EST. Round 1 of the 4* Ebony Maw and Red Skull Featured Arenas at 1pm EST. Dungeons reset at 1pm EST. Tier 4 Basic Arena at 6pm EST.

Kabam released Chapter 6 in the History of the Battlerealm Motion Comic series.

We finally have a bug board! Check out the current bugs that are under investigate from Kabam.

I don’t normally share crystal opening videos, but the Nexus crystal has some interesting potential going forward, and Seatin is a Man of Science.

Episode 102 of the UMCOC Podcast, covering the Doom arena, recent downtime, and more, is now streaming on Soundcloud.

RichTheMan covers AW rewards, arena and the Aegon bug in Marvel Contest News.

Katy Candy has a guide for Act 5.4.5.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @FrontlineMCOC for more updates!


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