Around The Battlerealm – November 13, 2019


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

Schedule Notes: 100% Champion availability all day! Act 6.3 will be released at 1pm EST. Read all about Act 6.3 here.

Alliance War Season 13 has officially been ended by Kabam due to the game outage and enlistment bug. Rewards will be distributed based on your placement as of the end of War 6. Stay in your alliance until rewards drop. Season 14 will start on December 4 as expected. Read the full post here.

RichTheMan covers the update on the season ending and compensation.

Professor Skill breaks down how to fight Annihilus.

Katy Candy looks into the comic book history of Doctor Doom.

Lagacy takes on an Annihilus mini-boss in Alliance War.

Need to see Annihilus beaten down one more time? Dark Zodiac suggests Elsa Bloodstone for this month’s EQ.

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