Around The Battlerealm – October 29, 2019


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

Schedule Notes: 100% Champion availability following the conclusion of AW attack. Server Maintenance at 11pm EST.

Kabam made two announcements yesterday. First, the Changelog for Version 25.0 was released, detailing the updates and events coming in November, as well as a number of bug fixes (Medusa, Domino, and Symbiote Supreme owners should be happy).

The second announcement was an adjustment to the Featured 5* and 6* Crystal and champion release schedules. The current 6* Featured Crystal will run an extra two weeks, and going forward both crystals will run for 14 weeks instead of 12. View the Featured Crystal Pool Tracker.

Regarding Champion releases, in 2020 champions will no longer be released every two weeks, they will instead be released on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. While this doesn’t sound like a big change, it does put an end to the months where three champions are released, as well as giving Kabam more time to test champions between the monthly update and wide release in the game.

RichTheMan covered all the announcements in Marvel Champions News.

Dave has a suggestion on how to fix alliance donations in the latest Dev Please.

Arni2 showcases Warlock in his latest AW video.

Craftygrinding has Arena results and predictions for Round 2 of Ronin and King Groot.

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