What We Learned About Marvel Realm of Champions at Comic Con


On the first day of New York Comic Con, Kabam unveiled their latest project, a new game called Marvel Realm of Champions. I was lucky enough to attend Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday, and I got the chance to go through the Realm of Champions introductory experience and score some sweet swag. I’m pretty excited about the new game and the prospect of a shared story with Marvel Contest of Champions, along with the ability to customize my own Marvel character.

Official Trailer for Realm of Champions

I’ve seen a lot of questions about Realm, and concerns about how it will impact Contest. A number of videos have come out about the launch of Realm of Champions, so I’ve decided to compile them all in one place for those who wish to learn more about the game.

If you have time, I strongly encourage you to check out the following videos and podcasts about Marvel Realm of Champions. Big thanks to all the content creators for putting out reactions and interviews, all of you did a great job finding out different bits of information about Realm of Champions.

Reactions & Interviews:
NYCC Livestream Announcement
RichTheMan Announcement Reaction
Seatin Announcement Reaction
RichTheMan Interview with Gabriel Frizzera
Dorky Dave Interview with Gabriel Frizzera
Brian Grant Interview with Gabriel Frizzera
Seatin Breakdown Video
Podcast of Champions Post-NYCC Episode
UMCOC Podcast #95
Comic Beat Interview

For those of you who don’t have the time to check out everything, here’s the quick rundown of what we know so far.

Marvel Realm of Champions:
– 2020 Release.
– There will be a Beta.
– Action/Adventure RPG with Real-Time Gameplay (no gameplay footage yet).
– 3v3 team play vs computer or real people in real time (not a turn-based game).
– The 3v3 gameplay is 3 players each controlling 1 character, vs 3 other players each controlling 1 character.
– 1v1 gameplay will also be offered
– Matches will be relatively short, they will not be the 15-20 minute matches you see in a MOBA
– Each MROC player will pledge to a House to begin their adventure.
– There will be 8 Houses available at launch. There are reportedly 15 total Houses almost ready to go, and even more will be added as the game grows.
– Each House has its own Baron (leader), culture and play style.
– The launch Houses and Barons are: Pyramid X (Apocalypse), Gamma Horde (Skaar), House of Iron (Iron Man), Spider-Guild (Madam Web), Asgardian Republic (Thor), Kingdom of Wakanda (Shuri), Temple of Vishanti (Ancient One) and Patriot Garrison (Peggy Carter).
– Each house will have a base hero with 6 areas of customization to choose from. For example, if you join House of Iron, you will be able to build an Iron Man from various pieces of armor from the character’s history, and these choices will impact the effectiveness and abilities of your character in combat.
– Eventually, Houses will have more than one base hero to choose from.
– Rumored additional Houses include Ant-Man, The Inhumans, and Deadpool.
– Based on the interviews, it does look like eventually, players will be able to switch Houses.  
– MROC is inspired by the 2015 Secret Wars comic series.
– MROC takes place on The Battleworld.
– The Battleworld is where Maestro ended up after his defeat by Thanos in Act 4 of MCOC.
– The mystery of who killed the Maestro is the starting point of the MROC story.
– Battleworld is the planet you see off in space on the MCOC home screen.

Other Important Information
MCOC is NOT ending.
– MCOC and MROC have different game teams which are housed in separate offices across the street from one another.
– The MCOC team has never been larger.
– MROC has been in the works for over two years.
– Gabriel Frizzera is overseeing the story of both games.
– Gabriel Frizzera has said he has at least two years of story plotted out for both games.
– Both games take place in the same universe.
– There will be crossover stories and characters.
– MROC grew out of an idea originally intended for MCOC, but was deemed too big.
– Expect monthly updates on MROC going forward.



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