Around The Battlerealm – October 11, 2019


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Friday, October 11, 2019.

Schedule Notes: 100% champion availability following the conclusion of the AQ Series at 3pm EST. Voting for the next Champion Rework begins at 4pm EST.

Kabam released a major update regarding champion balancing. Champion balancing will be paused until December, at which time Kabam will release information and data regarding their intentions for champions beginning with Annihilus through Invisible Woman. There will then be a feedback period before changes are released into the game. This announcement does not impact the champion reworks for Colossus and Old Man Logan, or the champion voting taking place today. Read the full statement.

Dave follows up with another interview with Kabam Luke, and touches upon future updates to game modes including AQ, AW and Dungeons. During the interview AQ modifiers come up, and according to Luke they will be for a separate track of rewards.

Cade reacts to the Champion Balancing announcement.

RichTheMan has an extensive discussion about MCOC & MROC at Comic Con with the Kabam Team.

Brian Grant sat down with Kabam’s Alliance War system designer to chat about the future of competitive gameplay in MCOC.

Lagacy recounts his experience taking part in the Summoner Showdown at Comic Con.

The UMCOC Podcast is back with a Comic Con wrap-up. Dragon, Royal, Bagel and special guest Panadaman Pete share all the news from the Kabam Booth.

Seatin has a Rank-Up and Gameplay video for 5* Elsa Bloodstone.

Craftygrinding has Round 1 predictions for the 4* Human Torch and Venom Featured Arenas.

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