Alliance Quest Map 6 Lane Spreadsheet & Map


Update 8/12/20Download high quality revisions of the latest maps!


Thank you to Cat Murdock for supplying updated Maps for AQ Season 7!

If you’re an officer in a Map 5 Alliance that is looking to step up to Map 6, you’ve probably got a lot of questions on how best to coordinate your battle group and assign paths.

You’re in luck. The spreadsheet linked above has a lane assignment sheet, maps, a playtime availability tracker, lane notes, and suggested counters for the mini bosses – in short, everything you need to get started.

While Map 6 does require some general counters on each lane, clearing it successfully isn’t as much about dealing with the hard counters (like Map 7) but understanding the availability of the Summoners in your battle group and assigning lanes accordingly.

My timing notes are written from the experience of an East Coast USA player, and will probably be most useful for North America alliances, but I do have suggestions on how to incorporate European and Australian players if you have one or two in your group.


5 thoughts on “Alliance Quest Map 6 Lane Spreadsheet & Map

  1. I didn’t notice you can leave a comment here. will you be having an update to this tool with the new map 6 defenders.

    this is such a great tool, looking to utilize it for my BG going forward.


    1. It’s on the list for sure. I need to get my hands on the new map and incorporate the info. Hopefully after this next AQ cycle I can update everything.


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