Around The Battlerealm – September 11, 2019


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

Schedule Notes: Week 7 of the Summoner Showdown with Stat bot, Ms.Insomnia and Ex Machina with guest host Dragonfei from the UMCOC Podcast at 4pm EST. Chapter 3 of Time After Time will be released at 1pm EST. 1st matchmaking for Season 12 of Alliance War at 6pm EST. 100% Champion availability all day!

Yesterday was a very busy news day with several announcements on the forums. Here’s the recap:

It was confirmed that AW Season 12 will start today. Also, Ronin will not be changed via character balancing, but we’ve been told to stay tuned for an announcement on Ebony Maw. Finally, it was announced that the Era Arena will not be a separate arena, but a slightly different format for this week’s Featured Arenas. The pool will consist of 6 champions – Doctor Octopus, Dormammu, The Thing, Winter Solider, Sentinel and Thor – and each Summoner that qualifies for the ranked rewards will get to choose the champion they would like (there is no community vote as some were speculating).

Kabam posted the official Champion Spotlight for Aarkus to coincide with his early access crystal bundles.

Episode #92 of the UMCOC Podcast is now available on Soundcloud.

RichTheMan tests out the Frostbite synergy for Aarkus.

Lagacy has a 5/65 Rank-Up and Gameplay video for Claire Voyant.

Craftygrinding covers the Round 1 results, and offers Round 2 predictions for the Hela and Claire Voyant arenas.

KT1 shows that She-Hulk is still viable versus the 6.2.6 Champion Boss post-heavy nerf.



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