MCOC 101 – Multi-Fight Ramp-Up Champions


The Ultimate Rank-Up Champion

If you are new to the game, you may have heard phrases like “ramp-up champion” or “ramp-up the damage” and not know what that refers to. Simply put, a ramp-up champion is a champion that has a mechanic the player can utilize to increase damage output. This is in contrast to champions which have a relatively consistent damage output, such as Blade or Vision, or champions like Void or Iceman that inflict a lot of debuffs on the opponent.

With the introduction of persistent charges in the Fall of 2017 with Morningstar and Mephisto, Kabam added additional depth to the Contest by creating champs that could grow more powerful over the course of a quest. Some of these multi-fight ramp-up champions are among the most powerful in the game, but they require knowledge of how to properly utilize their mechanics to unlock their full potential.

Below is a list of the multi-fight ramp-up champions in Marvel Contest of Champions, with basic information on how their ramp-up mechanic works. This is just an overview, and you should consult the Champion Description for full information, as many of these Champions have very complicated or specific play-styles.

Champion: Aegon
Mechanic: Persistent Combo
Ramp-Up Action: Achieve High Combo, Carry Over % of Combo to Next Fight
Benefits: Multiple Attack Bonuses as Combo Scales, Including Crit Rate, Crit Through Block, and many others.
Notes: Requires Awakened Ability, High Signature Level is Extremely Beneficial

Champion: Bishop
Mechanic: Carry Over Power From Fight-To Fight
Ramp-Up Action: End Fight with Power
Benefits: Unblockable Specials, Incineration on SP attacks
Notes: Requires Dupe, Abilities Depend on Power Level at Start of Fight

Champion: Captain Marvel (Movie)
Mechanic: Energy Charges (25)
Ramp-Up Action: Parry, Block Energy Attacks, SP1
Benefits: Binary Ignition Grants Fury Buff, Armor Break, Increased Energy Damage, Indestructible Buff when Duped

Champion: Corvus Glaive
Mechanic: Missions (4)
Ramp-Up Action: KO Mutant/Tech/Avenger, Knockdown Auto-Block/Evade Champion After Ability Triggers
Benefits: Increased Crit Damage
Notes: Proxima Midnight Synergy for True Strike

Champion: Cull Obsidian
Mechanic: Persistent Charge (10)
Ramp-Up Action: Complete Missions
Benefits: Increases Attack, Crit Damage Rating, True Accuracy, Rout Buff Duration, SP3 Damage
Notes: Benefits Vary Depending On Charge #

Champion: Ebony Maw
Mechanic: Persistent Charge (6)
Ramp-Up Action: Complete 3 Missions in a Fight
Benefits: Inflict Degen Passive Per Charge at Start of Fight

Champion: Heimdall
Mechanic: Persistent Charge
Ramp-Up Action: End Fight With Buffs Active
Benefits: Convert Buffs to Power Gain at Start of Next Fight
Notes: Requires Awakened Ability

Champion: Mephisto
Mechanic: Soul Charge (6)
Ramp-Up Action: KO Opponent
Benefits: 15% Increased Damage Per Charge
Notes: Requires The Champion Synergy, Morningstar Synergy Grants +1 Soul at Start of Fight

Champion: Morningstar
Mechanic: Captured Souls (5)
Ramp-Up Action: Launch Sp3, Reach 100 on Counter
Benefits: Bonus Energy Damage on Sp1, Unblockable Sp2, Life Steal
Notes: Different Benefit Activates Per Soul Captured, Guillotine Synergy Grants +1 Soul at Start of Quest

Champion: Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)
Mechanic: Persistent Charge (5)
Ramp-Up Action: End fights with debuffs active on the opponent
Benefits: Spend Persistent Charges to activate pre-fight abilities which put additional debuffs on the opponent.
Notes: Mr. Fantastic’s pre-fight abilities can be utilized for other team members through his cross-fight mechanic.

Champion: Mr. Sinister
Mechanic: Engineered Perfection (3 per class, 10 Total)
Ramp-Up Action: KO Different Classes
Benefits: Increased SP Attack, Crit, Attack Rating, Power Gain
Notes: Requires Awakened Ability

Champion: Sabretooth
Mechanic: Persistent Charge
Ramp-Up Action: If ST Starts Fight with 0 PC, Randomly Gains 3-6 Charges
Benefits: Consumes 1 PC to Reactivate all Furies from the End of the Last Fight as Passive Furies

Champion: Sentry
Mechanic: Reality Warp
Ramp-Up Action: Gain 1 at Start of Fight & Every 40 Hits in a Combo
Benefits: Reality Warps are a Multiplier for Sentry’s Abilities
Notes: Gain .3 seconds of Indestructible per RW when Losing Combo when Duped

Champion: The Champion
Mechanic: Persistent Charge (5)
Ramp-Up Action: Gains 1 PC every 13 seconds
Benefits: Multiple Bonus including Regen, Crit Rate, Fury, Armor Break Gains
Notes: Gains Charges 28% Faster vs Greatest Fighters, Abilities vary Depending on Attack Used and Charge levels

Champion: Venom The Duck
Mechanic: RNA Bank (10)
Ramp-Up Action: Store Up To 3 Buffs per Fight in RNA Bank via Heavy/SP
Benefits: Starts Fights with all Buffs in RNA Bank Active
Notes: Each Non-Unique Buff Beyond the First Suffers a Stacking 10% Potency Penalty (Example 1st Power Gain is 100%, 2nd Power Gain is 90%, and so on)



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