Around The Battlerealm – August 28, 2019


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Wednesday, August 28, 2019.

Schedule Notes: AW Season 11 rewards dropped this morning. Week 5 of the Summoner Showdown featuring PandamanPete, DragonFei, and Royal.Marshall, with guest host Arbitrarium at 4pm EST.

Yesterday was filled with major announcements from Kabam, and not all were positively received by the community.

Version 24.2 goes live on September 4 to coincide with the new Event Quest. The most controversial item on the change log is the removal of She-Hulk’s ability to combo into a heavy attack. While it was never explicitly stated She-Hulk has the ability to combo into a heavy, this was never viewed as a bug either, and certainly reduces a key part of She-Hulk’s value, particularly in the 6.2.6 Champion fight.

Per a forum post update from Kabam Miike, no champion is intended to have the ability to chain into a heavy attack, other than those where it is specifically stated in the champion description, such as Wasp. There are some champions (such as Old Man Logan) that are able to chain into a heavy as She-Hulk could. We have to assume this will be corrected at some point going forward, so it is not advisable to rank up a champion based on the ability to chain into a heavy.

More concerning than this specific Nerf, however, is the precedent it sets. Now anytime the community finds a use for a champion that is not explicitly stated in the ability description, there will be worries that it may be deemed a bug down the road and corrected.

In other news, Kabam released the format and rewards for September’s side-quest “Time After Time.” There will be 5 chapters, each with 5 quests. There will be 4 difficulty levels available for each chapter. Each quest has one specific champion gate, but all the champions needed to get through a gate are currently in the basic pool and there will be additional opportunities to acquire the needed champs over the course of the month.

Wrapping up the official announcements for the day, M.O.D.O.K will be the featured arena champ for this Thursday, August 28 and Monday, September 2.

Episode #90 of the UMCOC podcast is now available. Deacon, RoastedBagel and JJW recount their adventures in NYC for the Summoner Showdown, and are joined by special guest Arbi.

Katy Candy addresses the She-Hulk controversy.

Seatin shared Colossus gameplay from the Beta.

KT1 posted footage from his final war of Season 11.

Need more war videos? DTMelodicMetal has 4Loki vs J11 gameplay.

The latest subject of Ciq’s 3 minutes or less series is Cull Obsidian.

Craftygrinding has predictions for Round 2 of the Warlock and Sabretooth arenas.


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