4 thoughts on “Marvel Contest of Champions Permanent Content Recommended Order Guide – August 2019

  1. Actually I have completed act 5 and am confused as to where to go: explore act 5 or complete act 6 chapter 1:
    Sorcerer supreme 5 star rank 5
    Hyperion duped 5 star rank 4
    Domino 5 star rank 3
    Guillotine 2099 5 star rank 4
    Void 6 star star rank 1
    Falcon duped 5 star rank 3
    Captain America IW duped 5 star rank 3
    And other good champs like Corvus, venom, she Hulk as 5 star rank 3. Can you please tell me what content should I play?


  2. So I should try to take all 5 stars to level 65? I also have Sentinel as 5 star rank 3. Should I upgrade him( I don’t use him as I have guillotine 2099 as 5 star rank 4). And can i fully explore act 5 with 500 units and no revives. Thanks in advance for your answer


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