The Week Ahead – August 11-17, 2019


Two very important items to take note of for this week. Back Issues #3 – Polar Opposites drops this Wednesday at 1pm EST. On Friday, the Alliance War lockout period begins. You must be in an alliance before matchmaking begins at 6pm EST on Friday to be eligible for season rewards.

Full Roster Availability (No AW/AQ): 100% roster availability following the conclusion of the AQ series at 3pm EST on Friday, until the beginning of AW attack on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday: UMCOC Podcast, Live On Discord, 7pm EST. Alpha arena begins. AQ series begins.

Monday: Round 2 of the Featured Sunspot and 4* Basic Blue Cyclops arenas.

Tuesday: Server Maintenance at 11pm EST.

Wednesday: Back Issues #3 Polar Opposites is released. Tier 4 Basic arena begins. Week 3 of the Summoner Showdown, featuring CaptainBayeee, AtreiuMontoya, and DTMelodicMetal with guest host Brian Grant at 4pm EST.

Thursday: Round 1 of the 4* Mr. Sinister Arena. Featured champ is TBD.

Friday: 100% roster availability following AQ attack conclusion at 3pm EST. AW season rewards lockout begins with matchmaking at 6pm EST.

Saturday: 100% roster availability until AW attack resumes around 2pm EST.


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