Around The Battlerealm – August 8, 2019


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Thursday, August 8, 2019.

Schedule Notes: Sunspot officially joins the contest and is the featured arena champ. Blue Team Cyclops is the 4* basic arena. AQ series ends.

Marvel Insider: Activities for X-Machina are live. This month complete Easy, Normal, and Heroic for points, as well as the 5th chain of the “Win Fights with a Mutant Champ” solo objective. Unfortunately, instead of a 2 or 3 star Warlock or Sunspot as rewards, only X-Men crystal themed bundles are available, so this might be a good month to save your points.

Kabam announced that starting in October, balancing for recently released champs will be announced prior to them hitting the basic pool. There will then be approximately 3 months of testing before the balancing goes live in-game.

Furthermore, Kabam announced both Annihilus and Human Torch will be receiving buffs.

Speaking of the Human Torch buff, you know no one in the community is more excited than Lagacy.

Congrats to BigBlue807, who took down Cade & Frojo34 in week 2 of the Summoner Showdown to earn a spot in the NYCC Tournament.

Seatin shows you how to put Uncollected Warlock in the bin.

Contest Champion shares his first Alliance War video Season 11 – 4Loki vs KenOB.

Via Twitter, it has been confirmed by Kabam Miike that he has pulled his dream champ as a 5*.

Finally, new mutant themed objectives are live.



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