Around The Battlerealm – August 6, 2019


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Tuesday, August 6, 2019.

Schedule Notes: Final Dungeon session concludes (estimated return August 19). 7-Day Summoner Sigil trial begins when you upgrade to 24.1, which is expected to hit the App store today.

Kabam dropped the X-Machina Motion Comic, showcasing Warlock and featuring a voice cameo by MCOC Creative Director Gabriel Frizzera!

Summoner Showdown Week 2 Duel Targets have been announced.
MCoC CADE (Champion: Morningstar)
MCoC BigBlue807 (Champion: Human Torch)
MCoC Frojo34 (Champion: Domino)

Dork Lessons addresses the Summoner Sigil and shares tips on what to do when you’re Short On Gold.

Contest Champion pulls his 5* Red Skull off the bench to take down 6.2.5 Havok in his itemless adventures series.

Lagacy is all-in on Human Torch, and offers his thoughts on why the youngest member of the Fantastic Four is a God-Tier champ.

Craftgrinding covers Round 1 results, and offers Round 2 predictions for the Iceman and Havok arenas.



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